Sunday, 25th September 2022
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4 Sep
For about three decades, the Lagos State government tinkered with the idea of relocating sawmillers from the Okobaba Sawmill, at Ebutte Metta, Lagos Mainland Local Council.
3 Oct 2021
Bitcoin's underlying technology is the silver lining that ensures the enhanced security of users' information and transaction data. However, the cryptocurrency's anonymity protection also makes it more attractive to hackers and thieves. Unfortunately, Bitcoin has a grey area in certain jurisdictions. And, that makes the law enforcement authorities in those regions pay little attention to…
2 Aug 2021
Ever since Bitcoin burst on to the scene nearly a decade ago, its value has seen fluctuations. However, the recent upsurge in the digital currency’s value has retriggered strong interest in Bitcoin. The alternate currency’s swift growth has been dominating headlines across the globe and led to a boom that has gotten everyone wondering about…
22 Jan 2019
The Managing Director and CEO of Arit of Africa, an information communications and technology (ICT) firms in Nigeria, Ronke Okeremi, has advanced reasons why financial data of banks is the most prone to cyber-attacks in the world. She said financial data is the most attractive and hence financial institutions are more likely to be attacked. She therefore asked business owners to…
27 May 2016
Last week Friday, May 20, suspected herdsmen attacked a village in Ikole Ekiti, Ekiti State, killing two and severely injuring three others.
13 May 2016
While sea piracy is decreasing worldwide, the International Maritime Bureau says it is increasing at an alarming rate in Gulf of Guinea West Africa
6 May 2016
A recent video obtained and posted by a Nigerian socio-political consulting firm SBM Intelligence showed well-armed men crossing the River Benue en-route to carry out the Agatu herdsmen attack back in February.
29 Apr 2016
I recently read a story about a conservation group who uses aggressive tactics to apprehend wildlife poachers. In the story, they sent out a quadcopter drone equipped with thermal...
22 Apr 2016
The main counter argument to the two issues of state police meddling in politics and the inability of some states to afford state police is that the central police structure the country currently runs is already.....
15 Apr 2016
Imagine a state in Nigeria where men are recruited into the force based on personality types that are motivated by the desire for peace and stability within their states.
8 Apr 2016
Barely a year ago, searching the word Boko Haram on the Internet was likely to bring about results such as “Boko Haram bomb blast in Market”.
18 Mar 2016
The recent attack of the Grand Bassam Hotel on March 13, 2016, in Ivory Coast was carried out by AQIM using the same tactics as their other two recent hotel attacks in Mali, November 2015 and Burkina Faso...
11 Mar 2016
In August of 2015, Ese Oruru a 14-year-old girl from Bayelsa State was kidnapped by a 25-year-old Yunusa Dahiru, who took her to his home state of Kano, forcefully married her and converted her to Islam.


2 hours ago
Massive flooding on Sunday overran Ajaokuta-Ganaja-Lokoja road in Kogi which links the metropolis to the eastern part of the state.
4 hours ago
The Lagos State Environmental Enforcement and Special Offences Unit impounded 150 motorcycles for violating traffic rules in the last one week.
4 hours ago
Just as most beliefs, the Yoruba culture includes a world of myths, allegories, poetry and the love and wisdom of the Ifa divination system which helps to remind the Yoruba people of their past and customs that have survived through history and have helped shape their literature and religion as we know it today. Yoruba…
5 hours ago
September 10 of every year is dedicated to preventing suicide in our society. The 2022 World Suicide Prevention Day theme is “Creating Hope through Action.” The World Health Organization estimates that about 703,000 people die from suicide every year. That translates to about one suicide death every 44 seconds and 1,926 deaths every day. The…
5 hours ago
Police Service Commission (PSC) has extended the closure of its recruitment portal for the 2022 batch of constables in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) by one month.