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Bareness: A Case for Artificial Insemination


pregnant-black-womanWE have a lot of waiting mothers among us. God has touched and answered so many of them.

We have heard wonderful testimonies of God doing it after years of waiting. He is the God of all flesh; is there anything too hard for him? Nothing is too hard for God to do.

My problem is that we often don’t tell ourselves the truth. Because of our orientation, we hide things from each other.

You know that you got your baby through artificial insemination/IVF, but because of your mindset, you stand on the altar, lying to us that God just did it. You tell us that you just woke up and even forgot you haven’t seen your period for months and all of a sudden, you started feeling feverish…

Why not tell us the process and let other waiting couples learn from you? Enough of these lies and from what I have seen so far, nobody will condemn you for doing that. Times are changing.

Yes, God being all in all, allowed it to come through for you. Some try several times and failed, but He did it for you. He alone gave scientists the knowledge for this success in medicine.

But your refusal to tell the actual story has kept a lot of ignorant women waiting and dying.

I was impressed when I met a couple, who, even while thanking God for their two pregnancies, openly told us they all thank God for medical science, as they got their babies via artificial insemination. The woman personally asked me to educate and encourage other women on this.

If after taking advantage of this breakthrough in science, you don’t want other women like you to be happy, it is wickedness. This is why we have ‘baby factories’ businesses booming in Nigeria.

Women now act pregnant and inject themselves to look pregnant only to go buy a baby and bring home, even the husband is kept in the dark, in some cases, while in other cases, the couple hide it from the world.

There is nothing wrong with adoption. You don’t have to hide it. My uncle adopted three and he didn’t hide it from villagers.

Spread the news please. I know that with about N200, 000, you can have your own baby, if God is on your side.

You can contact me if you need the information of two licensed and affordable fertility doctors in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.

Go for artificial insemination or if older, IVF. Believe God in prayer, but have it in mind that He can decide to answer you via medicine.

Please don’t say what I haven’t said.

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