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When You Tell a Village Man To Put On His Seat Belt

When You Tell a Village Man To Put On His Seat Belt

Readers’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, and the social media as compiled by Head of Online Desk, AKINLOLU OLUWAMUYIWA

‘Buhari to account for
recovered loots soon’

EMMANUEL says: “
It is not enough to say how much was recovered. We want to know how it was recovered, whom it was recovered from and what punishment will be given. We also want a dedicated plan to spend the recovered money in a way that it would benefit Nigerians. Plowing this money back into the government purse, means it would now be clouded by the bloated budget of the government and would lack any accountability.’’

Kells: “
It’s so sad how Nigeria politics is. People who tend to paint other people bad, normally strive to do better than the people they condemn. Our politicians condemn, just so they could take more than they recovered from the past government for themselves.’’

Vic: “How long does it take for appropriation by the legislature? Who are you fooling?
Femi: “We are so used to squandering.’’
Vic: “What is the meaning of the word soon? The new fat budget will definitely fatten their own pockets first.’’

How I bought houses for Badeh, by witness

Wolex says: “
Can someone tell me that banks and bankers are not part of the deal. They must be fished out as well.”

Amador: “The level of corruption in any nation firstly reflects on the degree of transparency in its armed services. Badeh is the equivalent military signature of a decadent system, nauseating in its deepest ramifications including national security. We will like to hear too from the navy on how a significant proportion of oil production is illegally bunkered and sold.’’

Olusola: “Many Nigerian are ungodly, so a person could go to the extent of buying houses for his children to the tune of millions while contemporaries of those children could not get job and their parents suffering? These adult thieves and their accomplices should be jailed too and have their properties forfeited.’’

Chyke: “
I think Badeh just continued a military tradition. I’m sure a probe of the army and navy will reveal similar robbery.’’

Akeebaba: “
is this not the man that openly said ‘we know where the Chibok girls are, we are working.’ Behold the raping of a nation. I’m dumbfounded.’’

Gogolagos: “
How much is his salary for him to buy a house of N1.1 billion?’’

LJ: “This is the country we all called our own. Some elements used our resources as if it was their personal properties. God will judge them.’’

Auta62: “If all of these cases are proven against the former Air Chief and his accomplice, they do not deserve mercy.

New Nigerian: “
Now you see the sort of Boko Haram this one has been fighting. ‘’

NFF Technical C’ttee imposed players on me, says Oliseh

Ako asks: “What exactly are the terms of reference for the technical Committee? Who are they, and on what basis are members selected? Friction between this body and national coaches is not new in Nigeria. It shows that both sides do not have a clear mandate, and that’s asking for persistent trouble.’’

Comfortkay: “We just have too much people that have no single idea about football are NFF members. Please, let the minister of sports clean up this mess.’’

Onyebuchi: “Oliseh has tested it and see what others passed through. I wish my country well in their next outing, but those NFF members causing troubles and problems should be fired.’’

Gunnermachine: “Its apparent the NFF felt threatened by Oliseh’s intelligence and know how.’’

Akin: “Oliseh deserves respect because he worked for money earned, unlike those who pretend to manage sport or football only who do nothing but steal. Nigerians should wish Oliseh well.’’

Boras: “Oliseh, welcome to reality show. You were ranting on Keshi and seeking his office with everything including rubbishing his success. Now what’s up?’’

Bobo: “Did you think Keshi was having a field day when you were busy clamouring for his sack?’’

NNPC may emerge sole petroleum products importer

Ukoette says: “So the government now appoints people into significant portfolios without the appointees knowing what their job responsibilities are prior to being employed.’’

Innocent: “I hope that Kachikwu only took a leave of absence from Mobil Group, if not he will be frustrated out of this government after he has completed the reorganization in NNPC. They cannot allow him to keep NNPC job and his junior cabinet post, they want to use him for the hatchet job.’’

ArtfulDodger: “Nigerians should be patient and allow things to fall in place before complaining. NNPC is a big organization and not something someone can just sort out overnight, especially since Kachikwu´s mandate does not include sacking workers. Things will work well as soon as the budget is passed into law and this government takes off efficiently.’’
Llastborn4mom: “
The NNPC reshuffling is now looking more like a cobweb. I just hope it won’t affect staffers’ job.’’

Ese Oruru pregnant for me, says Yunusa

Amukoko says: “If the accused is 18 years old, what does that make him, a minor or an adult? Is the victim in this matter, who is 14 years old a minor or an adult? This lawyer should be prosecuted in my books, as he doesn’t see anything wrong in this so-called lopsided, depraved and stomach-sickening story.’’

Izonkeme: “What do you expect from the lawyer, Yunusa is guilty as charged.’’

Sheryph: “If Yunusa is 18 years old now, it means he was 17 when the incident occurred, hence he was a minor. Don’t let us rush into judging, let both parties argue their cases.’’

Moyo: “Leave the defense counsel, the matter is before the court. Let justice be done.’’

Tessa: “Google a picture of Yunusa. He looks older than my dad. He’s lying. He is not 18.’’

Moyo: “Everything will be subjected to “proof” even his age.’’

Izonebi: “Go back to Ese’s mother’s account, She knew her daughter was dating Yunusa, I have lived in Yenagoa and know that underage dating is rampant. The case that may be established at the end of the day is having sex with a minor.’’

Tessa: “Child Act says that a 14-year-old child is not capable of giving consent for marriage. What part of that statement of the law does the defence counsel not understand?’’

Simeon: “May the daughter of the defense counsel also elope with an older male and get pregnant.’’

True Nigerian: “Amen.”

Sheryph: “Note that he was 17 then. The major problem in this case is that of parenting failure from both sides. Let the judiciary do their job and decide as appropriate, we don’t know the entire story yet.”

Interim report indicts Ocholi’s driver

Francisca says: “Who is to be blamed if a driver in a federal employment do not have valid drivers license? Even if he was over speeding the onus lies on his boss to caution him.’’

Smooth: “The assertions are not foolproof. The driver who has no valid driver’s license knew he ought to wear his seatbelt. How did he qualify for the job? How long has he been driving the minister before the accident? What is the stipulated speed limit?

How did this Marshall ascertain the speed at which the vehicle was going as at the time of the tyre burst? The Marshal should have checked the sound tyres and gauged them for appropriate PSI. The only thing outside providence that can make new tyres burst in transit is over-inflation.’’

Bayo: “The real problem here is the failure of our regulatory processes in Nigeria. Possessing valid driver license is a critical safety control mechanism to a large extent.’’

Akeebaba: “The Corps Marshall knew what he was talking about concerning the speed. Google it.

Phils: “The report lacks professional touch. Did the speed cause tyre burst? What does the drivers’ licence got to do with the tyre burst? The reason FRSC is concentrating on speed is to use this sad event to advance their interest in advocating the use of speed limiter device which at best is only an additional burden on Nigerians.’’

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