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Labour draws battle line with NERC, DISCOs

On point asks: “I hope Nigerians have not elected a wrong party? Please learn to bear the pain until another four years.’’
Amador: “Like a sacred cow nourished and protected by the state and impervious to rational logic, the power DISCOs recognize neither law, nor statutes nor regulations being assured of state protection in its impunities. The power sector is already messing up the transparency intentions of this government and does not bat an eyelid as to dire implications.’’
Onwus: “A lawless country where everybody disobeys court order. I don’t blame them, a leader should lead by example, but the reverse Is the case. When FG and DSS disobey court order, then who will obey the same court order?’’

‘Biafra agitators not guided by history’

MIZCH says: “We will wait and see. There are also world history of new countries coming to be.’’
Adetobi: “As the president of Nigeria, you don’t expect him to open his arms and allow a group of people to divide the country. Any sane president will fight to keep his country together. Instead of seeking to divide the country, ”Biafrans” should look for solutions to their problems and not cause a repeat of what happened the last time. We should learn from history, nobody wins a war. There would be casualties on both sides. God bless Nigeria.’’

Darlington: “This is an irrefutable confirmation that to the president, the world of 1967 is still the same now. Biafra agitation has reached a point of no return, because the youths have taken over this lawful quest for freedom. Nothing will stop an idea whose time has come.’’

Abodes_124: “Perhaps to GMB the protesters are still his old ‘Biafran enemy’ and he will continue to direct that they continue to be dealt with.’’

‘Ijebu, Igbo are Jews from Israel’

Kalu says: “It is possible. We even have Ijebu-Igbo. That could not have been a coincidence. I think we could still measure this by the cultural similarities. Igbo circumcises their newborn males on the eight day after birth with the Jewish tradition. Is it the same with the Ijebus? If migration was from Saudi Arabia or Ethiopia as suggested by Olasupo, considering the locations of Igboland and Ijebu, it would have been clear that the migration route could have passed through Igboland in the east before extending to Ijebu land in the west.’’

Amador: “Late Prof. Acholonu Olumba the great historian of prehistoric antiquity and cosmology estimated the Igbos to be 4 million years created during the beginning of a cycle of the gods in cosmology. That rhymes with an old Indian cosmic cycle called Yuga Kalpa that started 4 million years ago. Suffice it of note that the mixing of black and white races in very ancient Egypt produced Arabs and Jews also called Semites a half-caste race. Thus, Jews may derive from Igbos, Ijebu and not the other way round.’’

Chris: “Yes, Biblically the Israelites were black civilization. Even the Kuteb people of Taraba State are Jews that migrate along the coastline of Egypt, Sudan, Cameroun into Nigeria during the war and transatlantic slave trade. DNA research is the confirmation of most of these claims. Even the Ashanti tribe of Ghana are one of the lost tribe of the children of Israel scattered around the earth.’’

Alugijo: “Ijebu Jews, Ibo-Jews. These people will not stop hallucinating. Very soon we will have Fulani Jews.’’
Abidilagungun: “Me, I am from Russia. Don’t mind them. People have become so self-defeated and deflated that their only path to greatness is to look for a more progressive nation and claim that as their place of origin. Is Israel any bigger than Igbo land or aren’t the Ijebus big enough to make a statement?’’

Osakue: “When archeologists have confirmed that human life started in Africa. I wonder where this crap is coming from.’’
Emmanuel: “Authority is not the truth, remember! Israel, as an entity, was created in 1948 after the Second World War. The Jews are Egyptians and the latter are Abyssinians or Ethiopians – wholly Black Africans. Seekers of truth should peruse Gerald Massey’s works on the Masseiana website, particularly Ancient Egypt Light of the World. Autochthony or independent generation of human societies holds the key to understanding our origins.’’

Lawyers seek contempt charge against Sagay, Umana, others

MD says: “The ‘integrity of justices of the Supreme Court of Nigeria and other judicial officers is questionable given their recent judgments and so have lost face and made a mockery of the judiciary. Seeking to question those who exposed the disgrace of the so-called justices and other judicial officers puts to question the morals of this so called group.’’
William: “Any proof of your allegations?”

Ogunlola: “It is a pity that many lawyers, some so called human right activist and even news media are too emotional because they are neck deep in partisan politics. When you read comments from many of them you know the camp they belong to. This will not develop our democracy.’’

Utolason: “What has this group done to promote justice in this country? These are the same lawyers that have brought the nation’s judiciary into disrepute through frivolous applications to delay and frustrate prosecutions.’’
Vic: “Many lawyers and justices in Nigeria are corrupt to their bare bones. How many of these justices have put the corrupt politicians in jail for the past 20 years?’’

Abodes: “True talk. We prefer justice by ‘well selected’ judges in tribunals.’’
George: “This petition is long overdue. We also call for the dissolution of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Corruption immediately.’’

Oliseh… His scorecard, many battles with ‘green snakes’ In Glass House

AriseNigeria says: “Oliseh failed in every department. He knew he has no landing place in the event he loses to Egypt, so he escaped for fear of taking any form of responsibility. A captain that deserts his ship in the middle of a raging sea deserves nothing but humiliation.’’

Solarin: “What is the basis for such harsh remarks?”

Deji: “Can’t the Federal Government simply stop funding the NFF? What’s the point of FIFA dictating when somebody else is footing the bill? Let FIFA fund them. These people mess with our money but we cannot kick them out because they will run to FIFA?’’
Felix: “I think President Buhari needs to take a second look at NFF and see whether it is populated by individuals who share his philosophy of zero tolerance for corruption. The NFF is one place where Nigeria needs a strong institution. There are many others though.’’

Walker: “Are you aware of FIFA’s rules?’’

Asikpata: “And the corruption in FIFA stinks to high heavens.’’

APC chieftains bicker over board appointments

Mazi says: “The President and his party while making appointments should look for staunch nationalists: APC, PDP, any party. They must have character, capacity and high skills. Then and only then can we be looking forward to the economic joints of our agencies as designed to chain-effect our greater fiscal engine.

Kenny: “Thanks. Unfortunately, you already know where the APC stands – “it is our turn to chop.’’
Fuzio: “This is what all the noise is about. Sharing of ‘juicy’ board appointments. It has never been about improving the lot of Nigerians or making Nigeria work for every one. If anyone is in doubt about the APC agenda, then this is a proof that they sought power purely for selfish reasons and not for any higher purpose.’’

Amakachude: “What were you expecting from them? Pounded egg and salad soup? Greed has started manifesting.’’
Okafor: “Killing elephant may be easier than sharing its meat. That’s the whole idea of sacking the DG’s, not that they were working for PDP.’’

For Mark, it’s victory on three fronts

Hajenu says: “I am not a fan of David Mark at all, I feel he should have done more in terms of infrastructure for his people.
There is nothing on ground to show that Otukpo has produced the number three citizen in this country for over eight years.’’

Deacon: “It appears the problem of the APC was getting former President Johnathan’s administration out of the way. It seemingly appears APC as a party did not plan their post-electoral victory accordingly. Their failure is coming too sudden. There is a heavy need to sit up, as democracy will only be deeply rooted in Nigeria where there is a virile opposition.’’

Akiel: “APC is sliding from victory to defeat already at some corners of the country and gradually will affect the centre if they are not careful with their approach to governance. Nigerians are very sensitive.’’

Umolu: “The victory of PDP in the Benue South Senatorial district is so sweet, not because of David Mark per say but because the conspiracy to shame the Idoma tribe from the outside has failed woefully.”

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