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GuardianReaders’ reactions to stories trending on The Guardian website, and the social media as compiled by Head of Online Desk, AKINLOLU OLUWAMUYIWA

Our role in Bayelsa polls, by military

JOSEPH asks: “Why would the military be so neck deep into the alleged electoral violence and manipulations in Bayelsa? I am afraid for the future of our great democracy.’’
Oyinloye Adebayo says: “This election is not going to be the first and the last. It is on record that we have desperate politicians who want to win without real support from the people. The credibility of the election is at stake.’’

Izedomi Ohirein: “An undisciplined military toppled our democracy in 1966, drove us into senseless war, cannibalized the structure of Nigeria and have been involved in frustrating the will of the people by empowering looters of our commonwealth. It serves no purpose to try to deny the rape on our democracy in the Southern Ijaw, it is already in the public domain.’’

FactsandFigures: “The Nigerian Military should not allow politicians to use them. When the time comes they will duck for cover and throw them under the bus. Have you learned nothing yet from Ekitigate, Dasukigate ‘’

Stop pro-Biafra movement, be patriotic, Arewa leaders tell protesters

RICHARD Maxwell says: “The Federal Government should seek a dialogue process and address the plight of this aggrieved areas by proffering possible solutions.’’

Darlington: “Biafra restoration is unstoppable. All hail Biafra, the land of the rising sun.’’

Riot50000: “The alleged sponsors of Boko Haram are against Biafra. How ironic.’’

Femi: “I think the government should be matured enough to dialogue with that young man before this whole issue gets out of hand. Instead of playing difficult and detaining him, ACF or Buhari should play smart on that young. The more difficult Buhari plays, the more protest grows wider and the situation will end up getting out of control. Detaining him doesn’t help matters, rather it will motivate more protest. The government should release that man or charge him to court. ‘’

Senate admits plan to purchase N4.7b worth of vehicles

TUNDE Osoba says: “This is wanton profligacy at its best. A vehicle that is 4years old is still relatively new and should not be developing faults as stated in the report, particularly if it has a proper service history; which I expect the vehicles attached to the office of the Senate President to have. Also, the President made use of his predecessor’s official vehicles; this should also apply to the Senate President. Our senators should have a conscience; such profligacy when workers are being laid off and some are being owed for months is mindless and heartless. This is shameful. In saner climes, they would be in jail by now. They should desist from this kind of unpatriotic acts. God bless Nigeria.’’

Asoorona: “I agree with you my brother, I just want to add that attending a colleague’s wedding or national mosque is not an official matter. All these reckless spendings should stop.’’

Peter Edo: “Saraki again!’’
Suny: “They should hire buses, at least 81 senators jumped on buses to Saraki ‘s trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.”

Buhari thanks musicians for
contributing to APC’s electoral victory

FRONT man says; “This is a good one from our president, a man of integrity who recognizes and appreciates all Nigerians.’’

Woman Leader: “Thank you Mr. President. We believe you are ready to serve us, everyone is relevant to you sir. Thank God I voted for the right man.’’

Amador Kester: “Now they should sing out blueprints for economic development and let’s hear ideas for job creation orchestrated by those trumpets and musical instruments.’’

Dpfrank: “I call him a disciplined and humble man, he is now the President, yet he find’s time to appreciate those who helped him climb the ladder. Your appreciation is highly acceptable sir.’’
SpeakOut: “PMB has shown to the whole world that everyone is relevant to him and he has also shown that he is a servant leader. God bless you sir.’’

Mukhtari: “Bringing back FESTAC ideas of the 70s might seem attractive till you ask musicians of the 21st century who will let you know the problem of music and creative industry is intellectual property protection and not fiestas. The president needs to recognize and draw a focus to solve that problem because creative products are not earning reward for talent in this country due to copyright violation. Hope the president will attend movie stars fiestas in Upper Iweka in Onitsha soon, and festivals in Lagos too.’’

Ogheneotsuko: “I see Buhari is still being carried away by his electoral victory instead of focusing squarely on the difficult task of managing the economy, providing jobs and also very importantly, reverting this country to true fiscal federalism. Only after doing these can he have a chance in the next general elections in 2019.’’

Lagos govt’s donation to the police

HONESTY says: “This is the time to recruit our young graduates who can operate all these high tech equipment. There is no point buying all these modern equipment while the operators are still living with the 1970s mind set. Government should try to patronize the locally assembled vehicles to minimize maintenance charges.’’

Omooba: “It is money wasted and a very wrong approach to equipping the Police force. We need to ask ourselves where is the Police of the 70s and 80s and how did we get it wrong? The police then had few brands of vehicles in its fleet i.e. Benz 911 trucks, Land Rover jeeps, Peugeot saloon, station wagons and pickups professionally maintained in their well manned and equipped workshops located throughout the country with fuel dumps. They were into strategic alliance with Leventis, Leyland and PAN for spare parts supplies and training.

They repaired accidented vehicles up to spraying apart from servicing and ensuring road worthiness of all NPF fleet. This guaranteed good and cost effective maintenance of the operations vehicles with long lease of life. Not any more. I bet those American cars would hardly last 24 months before turning rags on the road the same way the Toyota Hilux, Mazda pickups, Kia and all sorts donated by private companies in recent past went through. Both the Federal and state governments perhaps need to be proactive in addressing the problem of mobility of police personnel as it goes beyond

vehicle replacement.’’
Senate passes ‎N574.532
supplementary budget

AMADOR Kester says: “The subsidy boat foundering on the very precipices of public opinion was ebulliently towed upstream, against the headwinds by the Senate’s legislative proprietorial gavel. The executive and legislature have concurred to resonate together on this issue. Time will solve this cubic equation.’’

Damilola: “Now this government just gave credence to her critics. The first bill to the house in 7 months is on proposed spending, in which more than 80% is going for recurrent expenditure. We spend without even producing. In 7months no single bill for production or restructuring, but spending. This change is worthless.’’

Afohardnut: “Nigerians made a serious mistake in preventing the Jonathan administration from removing fuel subsidy totally. Fuel subsidy payments may cripple Nigerian economy if care is not taken.’’
PeterEdo: “No one is talking now. We now see the reason for the scarcity. Unpaid arrears for 2014 and 2015. So the problem here is subsidy.’’

Solade: “Now that the past and present National Assembly members’ allowances had been settled in the budget, they must make efforts to ensure the payment of all salaries and allowances owed the federal government workers by the former administration. PMB had already directed that such owed allowances be compiled and submitted latest September 21, 2015 for prompt payment. A delayed promise is a denied promise.’’

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