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Veritasi at 6: Unveils new head office, plans pan-African expansion

By APO Group
17 August 2023   |   11:12 am
Six years, over 600 housing units, 800 direct and indirect employment, successful signing of a 10 billion Naira commercial paper, 50 billion naira in financial gain for stakeholders, and successfully impacting the lives of over 6000 realtors, 250 billion Naira in assets, yet Veritasi Homes is just starting. Africa's fastest-growing real estate brand, Veritasi Homes…

L-R: Bode Edun, CEO, Kingford Homes; Yemi Edun, CEO, Daniel Ford International, UK; Nola Adetola, CEO, Veritasi Homes and Dele Momodu, CEO, Ovation International at the recent Head Office opening and 6th anniversary celebration of Veritasi Homes.

Six years, over 600 housing units, 800 direct and indirect employment, successful signing of a 10 billion Naira commercial paper, 50 billion naira in financial gain for stakeholders, and successfully impacting the lives of over 6000 realtors, 250 billion Naira in assets, yet Veritasi Homes is just starting.

Africa’s fastest-growing real estate brand, Veritasi Homes and Property Limited, a brand which is currently disrupting the industry, setting new standards for excellence, and raising the bar for value creation and credibility – a term which hitherto was once alien to the Property industry in Nigeria, marked its 6th anniversary in grand style, in an exclusive event that brought together key stakeholders, clients, realtors and government officials, on Friday, August 4, 2023.

Veritasi Homes new head office, Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Dubbed the unicorn of the Nigerian real estate sector, or as some would say – ‘the Apple Brand for Property Real Estate in Africa, ‘Veritasi Homes celebrated its 6th anniversary with the unveiling of its new headquarters – a massive well-finished contemporary office building, adorning the skyline of one of Ikoyi’s most prestigious, serene and exclusive neighbourhoods – Park View. Coming barely a few months after Veritasi Homes made the headlines for being the 1st indigenous African real estate company to have been awarded the prestigious global investment rating – a B/stable rating, from an esteemed European credit rating agency- Scope Ratings. The ratings received from these institutions are laudable achievements that are a testament to Veritasi’s sustainable business model and long-term commitment to value creation for all stakeholders. It is important to note that this follows closely on the heels of the company’s redemption of N5.53 billion in series 1 and 2 commercial paper as part of its N10 billion issuance program.

Speaking at the event was Nola Adetola, the young and dynamic CEO of Veritasi Homes – a creative, strategic and entrepreneurial mastermind. He has defied the odds and changed the narrative about young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa by steering the Veritasi ship from a relatively obscure and unknown brand to being recognised by Financial Times as one of Africa’s fastest-growing companies in 2023 – a ranking that places Veritasi as the only Nigerian Real Estate company in Africa to make a list. A feat he was able to achieve through hard work, grit and a commitment to value creation.

L-R: Nola Adeľola, CEO Veritasi Homes; Ayuli Jumide, Lead Partner, Detail Solicitors; Seyi Ebenezer.

Nola Adetola was not coy about the company’s growth and achievement within the last six years. He said, “When we started Veritasi, it was clear from the start that we didn’t just want to be another statistic in the already non-exhaustive list of real estate companies, just occupying space with no real impact. We were young and daring,  which  some  might have  considered  a  disadvantage, but we  were  not discouraged by our age or the biases of a young mind. We were determined to do real estate differently by focusing on value creation for all stakeholders, sustainability and a commitment to building trust and credibility. Today, six years later, we have become  the  face  of  credibility  in  the  real  estate  industry,  shining  the  torch  of possibility for businesses across the continent while creating value and opportunities for all our stakeholders.”

Speaking about the company’s future, Mr Adetola hinted at Veritasi’s planned Pan-African expansion. This development, He mentioned, was already being implemented in phases. “As a business, for six years, we have put in the work into laying  a  strong,  formidable  and  sustainable  foundation  for  growth,  and  like the proverbial Chinese Bamboo tree, it is time we expanded beyond Nigeria. We have set plans in motion, and very soon, we will have Veritasi Homes in major African cities like Johannesburg, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya.”

L-R: Tobi Yusuff, Partner, Veritasi Homes; Nola Adetola, CEO, Veritasi Homes; Olaniran Olayinya, CEO, Keystone Bank.

The event, which was well attended, had stakeholders speaking glowingly about their experiences with Veritasi. Mr Yemi Edun, the CEO of Daniel Ford International, UK, commended the management team for a job well done and for staying afloat despite the economic uncertainties that have plagued the nation. The Managing Director of Keystone Bank, Mr Olaniran Olayinka, praised and encouraged the Veritasi team not to rest on their oars. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and other top dignitaries were also in attendance. One of the clients who has done business with Veritasi over the years, pleading anonymity, narrated how buying a Veritasi property was one of the best financial decisions he has ever made. He said, “It didn’t come easy, as I took a big risk trusting a young organisation, but today, that decision has paid off big time!”

Speaking at the event, Tobi Yusuff, Head of Marketing and Communications for Veritasi Homes, reiterated the organisation’s commitment to transforming the real estate landscape in Nigeria, and by extension Africa, by engendering a culture of value creation and service.

Veritasi Homes creates value for not only its clients but also other stakeholders. In January 2023, the company organised and sponsored a high-powered realtors’ conference, one of the largest gatherings of realtors in Nigeria, at the prestigious Lagos Business School. The conference brought together over 300 distinguished realtors in Lagos for three days of learning, skills acquisition, and networking. This event further re-emphasises the company’s commitment to building sustainable relationships and creating value for all stakeholders.

The next couple of years will significantly define the organisation as it continues to make giant strides nationally and internationally, navigating change and making the world a better place through sustainable business practices hinged on value creation, innovation and a reputation for delivering on expectations.

Veritasi Homes & Property is Africa’s fastest-growing real estate development company disrupting the industry by providing world-class, innovative, value-driven properties and exceptional living spaces in choice locations, focusing on customer satisfaction.

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