Sunday, 25th September 2022
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Chris Orero: Celebrated e-commerce coach, mentor

Rising from a poor background to become one of the most sought after names in the industry, Chris Orero...

Rising from a poor background to become one of the most sought after names in the industry, Chris Orero is an inspiration to a lot of people of his generation and has become a household name in the ecommerce industry.

He started learning the sales business from eBay, getting a certain level of proficiency in the field. Not long after, he realized that amazon is the future of ecommerce and gradually, he shifted from totally basing his business and skills on eBay to Amazon. He joined many online communities and groups in order to create new contacts, network and learn the art and science of online marketing/ecommerce.

This plan worked because after a short while, Chris started teaching other people how to trade online and make money from online business while working from the comfort of their homes. He started to teach others the same things he had learnt through training events, online web calls/classes and 1-1 personal training.

Soon after he started training people, he started his own company alongside his partners.

The company, EcomzKingz which is focused on helping others understands the ways in which they could be making millions online as well as from the comfort of their homes.

The business is now a very successful one and has inspired a lot of people to make proper use of their time online. It has also generated over 5 million dollars in sales in the first year it was launched. This company has also created an educational content platform to help thousands learn how to utilize online selling platforms to create extra streams of income. He is known to constantly practice what he teaches his students. The amazing thing is that all that he has achieved so far started with him knowing almost nothing about the field.