Saturday, 26th November 2022
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Centre trains NEPC staff on productivity to boost export

By Collins Olayinka, Abuja
06 September 2022   |   4:51 am
The National Productivity Centre (NPC) has trained staffers of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) on productivity to boost the export of goods and services.

Director-General of the Centre, Dr. Kashim Akor

The National Productivity Centre (NPC) has trained staffers of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) on productivity to boost the export of goods and services.

Speaking at the training programme, the Director-General of the Centre, Dr. Kashim Akor said understanding the application of the science of productivity management by the staff of NEPC will improve the corporate image and organisational performance of the commission to aid growth and development.

The training had ‘Corporate Image and Reputation Management for Enhanced Productivity’ as the theme. Akor highlighted that the centre, through her initiatives to revitalise the national economy and re-engineer growth across all sectors, has over the years advocated for productivity consciousness amongst the citizens through its productivity promotion and advocacy programmes.

He added: “We have through our engagement with various organisations both private and public deployed the In-plant Training Programme (ITP) as part of our productivity capacity building drive to build a productive workforce in organisations.”

He explained that the programme was designed to equip the staff with the required competence and knowledge of corporate image and reputation management for enhanced productivity.

He hinted that the training exposed the participants to the concepts of productivity, corporate image enhancement and reputation risk management, strategic communication, emotional intelligence and organisational culture.

The NPC helmsman stressed that the six modules designed for the training were deliberately designed to position the trainees and the NEPC on the path of corporate image management, organisational excellence and higher productivity.

Director, Special Duties, Rosemary Esekhagbe, said the training is important for the commission because it serves as a gateway of some sort for exporters.

She said: “That presupposes that having the right image is crucial to attracting exporters. The commission must be seen and perceived positively by their publics. The export business arena also has players from the private sector, which means that the commission has competitors. Being a government agency, there are tendencies for some of the workforce not to be bothered about the corporate image of the commission and this will affect the productivity of the organisation.”

Esekhagbe hinted that the centre is desirous of taking productivity to agencies, parastatals and departments of government to deepen the efficiency of public officers.

She disclosed that the NPC recently trained tailors on how to enhance their productivity, saying, “we are taking productivity to the grassroots because we realise that the informal sector is a large pool of small businesses that can jumpstart the economy after exiting the COVID-19 pandemic. We started that by training tailors. Our crafts and arts are popular and accepted all over the world.

“We can further exploit the international appeal our film industry has by improving the quality of the clothes that are made in Nigeria. The suits and local designs we have in this country are appreciated all over Europe and the Americas. Why can’t we be deliberate in our approach and take advantage of that?”

Director and Head of Department, Productivity Capacity Building of the NPC, Dr. Titilola Oshati, said the focus of the training is also to change the corporate image and reputation of the staff of the commission and position them to be able to project the commission’s image in a positive light through their conducts.

She explained that the training was not meant for staff in the corporate services department but all the staff were trained from the state level to the national headquarters.