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Expert trains professionals on achieving higher goals


Rajiv Sharma training participants during an NLP conference.

Nigerians have been advised to re-position their minds, language and behaviour for outstanding results in the new year and beyond.

Addressing journalists in Lagos on the importance of Neuron Linguistic Programming to human development, a coach in the field, Mr Rajiv Sharma, said people’s thinking skills, communication and habits are three fundamental pillars of great achievements in life.

“You are bound to set higher goals and achieve them when you prepare for it. Majority of people focus on things outside their control, but real power lies with you. Business people need to learn the art and science of NLP strategies and execution, this skill will help you achieve your business goals and life purpose,” he said.

Speaking on the forthcoming NLP workshop slated Friday 8th Feb to Thursday 14th Feb 2019, Sharma said the workshop is designed for people to realise and expand their potentials.


He said: “People have huge wealth of resources within themselves and we don’t even explore 5-10% of it. When we work on our existing capacity and learn more, we expand our opportunities or otherwise our abilities shrink, and we start complaining about economy or other things that are taking us down.”

Sharma stated that the workshop would enhance people’s Sensory Acuity that is source of all experiences, knowledge and actions needed to achieve goals adding that participants will also develop more effective behaviours and get rid of unwanted behaviours that are blocking them from achieving greatness in the field of our choice.

“NLP certification is your pathway to become a great leader, a business performer and overall a Legendary Human Being. The method impacts the subconscious mind and the message sticks, cajoling you to take actions towards your goals”, he added.

Some past participants, who were there at the conference, said NLP Practitioner Workshop has elevated their lives to a much higher level.

They are able to look at a situation from different perspectives that give them more options to respond in a positive way to a particular situation.
The NLP expert said during the workshop participants will get to practice NLP concepts and learn to apply it to their field and elevate to more meaningful life.

All the participants are expected to be certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP and the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming, United States. This is the biggest body of NLP practitioners in the world.

Participants will learn directly from the source, the people who created NLP and begin to use it tools in every sphere of life, be it Health, Money, Relationship and Career.

Mr Rajiv Sharma said the Neuron Linguistic Programming also consciously re-programme people from the inside, stressing that once they have gained this ability, it gives them the power to change their behaviour and hence their life.

According to Sharma NLP is the best way to establish strong foundation for growth adding that participants will gain a comprehensive scope of NLP skills and techniques that would enable them to achieve results and goals they set for themselves in the field of their specialisation.

“Also you will gain great insights into how people think, feel and process information. You will learn to align your communication style to match the sensory acuity of your listeners, which will boost your levels of understanding, rapport building, persuasion and interpersonal skills”

He urged Nigerians to take advantage of the programming stressing that by applying the principles they will discover their hidden potential and harness their strengths, which means that they will create a positive change in and around themselves,” he explained.

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