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Experts draw attention to internship programmes

By Gloria Ehiaghe
24 October 2019   |   3:37 am
Experts on human resources have stressed the need to address internship programmes in Nigeria, saying it is still a low hanging fruit that needed to be tapped.

Experts in human resources have stressed the need to address internship programmes in Nigeria, saying it is still a low hanging fruit that needed to be tapped.
The experts, who argued that not many organisations have internship programmes, identified many accruing benefits for organisations such as – assess the candidates on the job, inculcate the culture of the organisation into the trainee, especially if it intends to retain the intern, get cheap labour that doesn’t need to be paid too much.
Presenting a keynote address on, ‘Talent is not Enough’ at the launch of an online recruitment portal, Managing Consultant, AKMS Consulting Limited, Amina Oyagbola, noted that Nigeria has a lot of talents, but still searching for qualitative talents to address its pressing needs.

To get qualified hands, Oyagbola said organisations must be strategic in their search area, get professional help, clarify their needs before they go searching, and also reposition their brand.
While encouraging organisations to push for internship scheme, she said: “There are many people out there who are ready to take up an internship assignment without compensation, but I know that morally, some organisations like the global multinationals may have a challenge with that. I don’t know how the labour authorities will also view it.
“I am also aware that some organisations do take mature interns for some specialist functions, they have a gap, a need. That is where comes in.  
“An intern is looking for a placement, an organisation is looking to fill a gap, and they can’t find each other. So, we need this kind of platform to bridge that gap.
“Most organisations won’t hire matured intern except when the need arises, most organisations in their phase of growth are focusing on undergraduate recruitment programmes, and looking at internship also from that lens.”
Earlier, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, C & I Leasing Plc, Andrew Otike-Odibi, said the platform was launched to tackle the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.
“We have issues of unemployable; we have just launched this platform, but I tell you that we are committed to it, and we want to use it as our own contribution into the longer-term socio-economic development of Nigeria.
“While we have a high unemployment rate, we have companies looking for the right people, so how do we bridge that gap? That is why the site came up.
“So we have talents that are identifiable through the use of technology. We use technology to try and streamline that process such that we can reduce and sift the right candidate so that we can present them to the companies looking for those talents. It’s a win-win for those parties,” Otike-Odibi said.
On what differentiates the platform from other competitors, he said: “You don’t just submit CVs and wait for an opportunity. We match you. You might have some skills which a company somewhere is looking for, that matching process is the extra that we bring to the table, others just collate database.”