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Experts harp on deepening of specialisation to create wealth

By Oluwatosin Areo
08 October 2019   |   3:26 am
There is an urgent need for small businesses to leverage specialisation as a repositioning strategy for wealth creation and innovation, President, Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (AYE), Smart Francis, has said.  

There is an urgent need for small businesses to leverage specialisation as a repositioning strategy for wealth creation and innovation, President, Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (AYE), Smart Francis, has said.
Speaking during the Hive 5.0 global leadership training in Lagos, he explained that sustainability is germane to building a generation of transformational leaders.
He said: “The crazy thing about life is that no one gets out of it alive. So, you have to keep knocking because, at some point, the universe will open for you. Everything you are looking for is on the inside of you; remain focused and you will realise those dreams.”

The event, which was a gathering of leaders from over nine countries, was geared towards building the world’s most impactful community of leaders and entrepreneurs, who are working to create a better world.
On the Six Entrepreneurial Xenium, which included value, courage, trust, and perseverance, Francis said: “What differentiates the influential from those that are not, is the amount of price paid for the desired success.”

Co-Founder of Hive Africa, Nigeria, Christopher Imong, said education and exposure are the minimum requirements to generate wealth.
He said: “Africa is evolving, as evident in technology trends and innovations. If we continue at this pace, Africa will become a force to reckon with.  We only need to collaborate to achieve the goal faster and easier.”
Chief Executive Officer, Hive Africa, Nigeria, Grace Osula, said the fifth Hive event got participants from 19 countries around the world, to synergise and create a better world.
“Our theme is living your purpose. We have identified ways to help people live the best of their lives and created a community where people are solving problems. Knowing your purpose is key.
“The most important thing is making an impact. If leaders could come together to solve issues, then the world would be a better place. Africa’s challenges can be solved by individuals following their purpose for positive impact,” she added.
Reinforcing education and skills, Founder and Chairperson, SheForum Africa, Inimfon Etuk, said the required success for today’s world is on the strength of the skills garnered.

On self-leadership, Etuk said followership does not guarantee to be a leader because the example must speak.
“Set your goals and solve problems for humanity. Also, practice discretion constantly to know what really matters. Life is a mutual place to learn. You cannot be a global leader if you are not a lifelong learner,” she added.
Lauding efforts of the leadership training, Etuk said Hive is helping people connect with their purpose, and be most strategic about how they want to achieve their life goals.
“As we go on in life, there are many tragedies and experiences that form our decisions. So for young people that are still trying to find themselves, discard all that is holding you down. These could be habits and persons that exist in your circle. You need people who inspire, encourage, and challenge you. If you don’t find that mix in your circle, you’re with the wrong people,” she said.
Etuk added that people must ensure balance in their daily life.
“Recreation is healthy. You can’t succeed if all you do is work. Your choices need to be balanced and it’s about preparing before the time. Opportunities are best leveraged on when you are prepared,” she said.

On purpose, Actress & Fitness Enthusiast, Kate Henshaw, said every individual has an authentic purpose that has to be unearthed and improved.
“The most difficult thing to do is to stay on your purpose. Finding your purpose is a journey and I don’t think it would end. Purpose doesn’t have to be one thing, just ensure clarity. In finding purpose, it is not going to be easy and you sometimes feel like giving up. You may need to reinvent yourself. Renovate with resources at your disposal.
“Some people are very lax. They give excuses instead of solutions. Passion is the most important trait. Do more. Go the extra mile, and never trade excellence,” she added.
Chief Executive Officer, Women with Stories, Naomi Osamedua, urged young leaders to aspire to be a global change agent.
“God has given you abilities that differentiate you from others. You have to innovate as a global brand because the world is your stage. You have all it takes to be global as it begins with your thought,” she added.
She noted that social media is a powerful tool that could be leveraged for individual or business purposes, adding that global leaders should thrive to make a difference daily.