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Firm introduces mobile app for hiring top talents

By Adaku Onyenucheya
14 July 2022   |   2:43 am
Terawork has launched its iOS and Android mobile app to help employers and entrepreneurs hire, manage and communicate with vetted talent in real-time.

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Terawork has launched its iOS and Android mobile app to help employers and entrepreneurs hire, manage and communicate with vetted talent in real-time.

The app, ties into the growing pivot among large and small businesses to utilise a global talent base to execute tasks on quick, short or temporary bases.  
Announcing the launch of the app, the Chief Executive Officer, TERAWORK, Femi Taiwo, said the app is a ‘game changer’, especially for businesses, who now face more difficulties getting manpower with the right skill sets to guarantee growth. 
According to him, the firm prioritises the growth and sustainability of large and small businesses, noting that about 90 per cent of African companies fail within five years of their existence, contrary to their Western counterparts, who have unlimited access to skilled talent given their adoption of on-demand hiring.
“We are cognisant of the fact that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the job creation process since they account for more than 70 per cent of employment worldwide. As businesses thrive, more jobs will be created, extending economic opportunities to every segment of the economy.

The TERAWORK Pay-As-You-Go hiring solution mobile app, therefore, is extending the window of opportunities for all entrepreneurs to utilise the expansive global and local talent pool to execute business tasks.

Taking a look at the operating environment, Taiwo revealed that the reasons for the high failure rate among African businesses include the inability to hire great talent quickly, limited flexibility in onboarding vetted talent on short-term contracts, and the non-existence of trusted platforms to fully manage the remote workforce. 
“Small businesses with lean budgets often settle for unvetted referrals from friends and relatives. Also, many highly skilled professionals in high demand by companies are no longer interested in full-time roles, while geographical barriers limit access to talent in some cases. Businesses located outside of major cities are mostly hit,” he said.

He emphasised that global and local businesses are contesting fiercely for talents in a bid to raise productivity levels and maintain competitiveness. 
He said Amazon and Google for instance, use vetted hiring platforms to execute important tasks on a short or temporary basis as the needs arise. This foreshadows the future of job execution across industries.
For freelancers on TERAWORK, the chief executive said the on-the-go capability brought about by the mobile app increases the possibility of getting hired by local and global clients.
He added that the business believes Africa can be a global digital services hub that provides billion-dollar opportunities for highly skilled freelancers.

“TERAWORK has a 99 per cent job success rate by going by the efficiency level of tasks delivered existing freelancers on the platform. The new innovative app was designed to help customers discover African talent,” he added.

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