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Group trains youths on strategies for career, business growth

By Adelowo Adebumiti
18 November 2021   |   3:00 am
A non-governmental organisation, Transformer Tribe has trained 1, 000 youths on strategies for growth in life, business and career.

A non-governmental organisation, Transformer Tribe has trained 1, 000 youths on strategies for growth in life, business and career.
Transformers Tribe is a group of coaches and experts in various spheres of life, who desire to help young professionals become more productive and successful through leadership and personal development.

The group trained participants at a two-day summit, as part of the Jimi Tewe company public speaking mentoring programme.
At the event with the theme, ‘Emerge: Strategies for Exponential Growth in Life, Career and Business’, participants were exposed to cutting-edge strategies for exponential growth and inspired to take necessary action to grow and record outstanding achievements.
One of the speakers, Bukola Seun-Oloruntuga, who is a lawyer, challenged participants “to be on a constant journey of evolving and to willingly take advantage of the information available to constantly evolve.” 
Another speaker, Edidiong Efiong, an Industrial Control Systems Engineer and Life Coach, who spoke on ‘Leveraging Technology to Access Global Opportunities’, highlighted prospects of technology and how they must be embraced in totality to ensure growth in the world.
A Digital Marketing Expert and Founder of, Daniel Folley, while talking on “Pitfalls to avoid in your digital marketing strategy,” warned participants not to allow their customers to friend-zone them. He also described digital marketing as the fastest way to acquire customers and grow companies.
On Air Personality (OAP) and host of The Millennials Hangout on HeartSong Live UK, Omonlua Orhewere, spoke about personal development as a catalyst for transformation.
Oluwaseyi Agbede, a learning and development specialist, while speaking on “Positioning for Leadership in a Global Economy,” said to achieve this, one needs to create a positive impact, which can be scaled up with individual competencies to achieve income.

In her presentation titled “Emerging in Life through Relationship Building and Excellent Customer Experience”, Olabukonla Mise, a Customer Experience Specialist, shared tips for excellent relationship building and customer experience.
She added: “You must deliberately position yourself in the consciousness of your stakeholders, to ensure that your name remains at the forefront when there are opportunities.”

Whilst speaking on “Personal Branding as a tool for Global Relevance’’, Emeka Ebeniro, a personal branding expert and transformation coach, shared some insights on how to use the 4Ps of personal branding – purpose, promise, personality and positioning to build a globally relevant brand.
The keynote speaker, Jimi Tewe, reiterated the need for deliberate actions based on the strategies shared during the summit to activate the desired exponential growth process in life, business and career.

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