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Megamillions Naija would change the lives of many Nigerians, IGE promises

By Tobi Awodipe
29 November 2021   |   2:25 am
As the line between sports and entertainment continues to intertwine daily, more and more local players are looking to tap into this space, providing entertainment as players make money from engaging in their passion.

As the line between sports and entertainment continues to intertwine daily, more and more local players are looking to tap into this space, providing entertainment as players make money from engaging in their passion.

New entrant, International Gaming and Entertainment Limited, owners of Megamillions Naija are offering Nigerians the chance to play international games and win millions of Naira.

Speaking exclusively with The Guardian, Chief Operating Officer of MegaMillions Naija, Victor Nwaobia explained that the lottery games which their platform offers is different from sports betting in the sense that with the latter, players bet on the outcome of a sports match but with megamillions, players pick random numbers from a group of numbers to win.

“For some games, you have up to 69 numbers to pick five from and these five numbers give you access to play the lottery. There is also another set of 29 numbers called the jackpot numbers. You pick one of these, which takes you into the jackpot game. All these are random selection of numbers to play against an outcome that would be drawn on the draw date; it is different from sports betting.

“People use numbers like their birthdays, anniversaries or partner’s birthday to play and as we say here, may the odds always be in your favour.

“Most people play lottery for fun and also for the chance to win a jackpot that could change one’s life forever. This is purely entertainment with the chance to win a jackpot of lotteries played against the world. If you play different games on our platform, you increase your chances of winning different jackpots. We currently have the largest payout in the country with our jackpot value worth over 252 billion Naira. If one plays seven of these games and luckily wins one, Powerball or US mega millions jackpot for instance, with the latter worth 72 billion Naira, imagine the possibilities if a Nigerian wins.

Nwaobia said there are plans in the works to expand the ways it can be played by including USSD channels and POS points. “Our web is up and running and the app would soon be launched. We’re going to create multiple channels for people to be able to play these games when and where they like.”

“Some people may be skeptical but I want to assure them that everything is complete legit as they’re playing games that have built confidence all over the world over many years. US Powerball and Mega Millions, Analoto, Australian and European games have all been in existence for many years and are known names. The platforms are very secure and have had no incidence of being cracked over the years or fallen into the hands of rogues.”

“To participate is easy, just go to, register with your name, mail and phone number then click the sign that says you’re 18 and above. You’ll be validated immediately and once your account is active, go to the available games and pick five random numbers and one jackpot number. If you don’t want to think of numbers, there is a button that populates numbers for you. You can change the numbers as many times as you want. After that, check out, fund your account and make payment with as little as N100 for group plays. It cannot get more simple than this.”

Nwaobia said the site has single plays and group play with some games costing N2, 500. Knowing that not everyone can’t afford that, he said players can join group play which not only gives them the chance to play many games but also increases the chances of winning as if any of the tickets win, everyone that bought a ticket in that group shares the money. “You can use N1000 to buy 10 shares in a group, thereby increasing your chances.”

“I know people are afraid of being scammed but a player can research the games he/she wants to play to see the veracity of these games all over the world. Everywhere, people of all age groups play these games for fun and we want Nigerians to get on board, as there’s a lot of money to be made. Players here don’t have to travel abroad or have a domiciliary account to play, it can be done from the comfort of your home.”

Adding that they want to encourage everyone to take a chance to make legal, life-changing money, Nwaobia said this a great way to tackle poverty and usher millions of Nigerians into financial freedom in the new year.