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NUBIFIE alleges new generation banks flout labour laws brazenly

By Gloria Ehiaghe
30 May 2019   |   4:18 am
The National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBIFIE) has accused some new generation banks...


The National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBIFIE) has accused some new generation banks in the country of flouting labour laws.

The union alleged that the banks, rather than employ permanent staff that are more experienced and better qualified, they prefer to employ workers with lower qualifications as casuals.

The union therefore tasked the incoming National Assembly members to wok towards halting casualisation and other anti-labour practices in the banking sector.

President of NUBIFIE, Abakpa Anthony in an interview with The Guardian urged the upper chamber to take their matter seriously, saying, “the union has also protested at the National Assembly twice, but unfortunately we were disappointed by the way the issue was handled.”

Abakpa said casualisation is satanic, saying it is a way of outsourcing people’s destiny, when they are still alive.  He said the union has continued to engage bank’s chief executives on the adverse implications of casualisation on Nigerian workers.

He added: “We would have loved a situation where the union and the banks we reported to the National Assembly were given same hearing on the same day. But that was not the situation, the day the CEOs were invited, we were not there and to us it was like shifting the goal post. If they really want to treat it, we should have invited together.

“What the National Assembly did was to send the banks questions, based on our report, which they would have not have answered truthfully. Unfortunately we were not there to tell them that their information were falsified and that is why we want the new National Assembly members to revisit it.”

Abakpa maintained that it is workers inalienable rights to belong to unions irrespective of their status and should not be denied by the employers.

However, he noted that the union has been able to make some progress at getting some rights for the casuals in the sector restored.

“Unlike when the casuals irrespective of the years they may have worked would be made to go without anything, now we hold principal banks responsible for workers who have spent five years to get exit package at the time of disengagement. They have to pay them and not returning them to the contractors.

“Our question has always been would they say the drivers carrying their money, the marketers; the tellers are not core to their service? Sincerely there is need for reappraisal on the way Nigerians are being treated like slaves by employers in their country”, he said

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