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Trustfund Pensions hits 700,000 retirement savings accounts  


Pension Fund

The Trustfund Pensions Limited, now has above 700,000 Retirement Savings Accounts (RSAs) under its management.

The Managing Director, Trustfund Pensions Mrs Helen Da-Souza,disclosed this in Abuja, at the unveiling of a new corporate logo for the foremost pension administrator explained that since inception in 2006, Trustfund Pensions shareholders funds have increased from N334million to N8.1billion as at the end of December 2017.

She added: “Since inception over 12 years ago, Trustfund Pensions Limited has creditably advanced into one of the topmost Pensions Funds Administrators in Nigeria. From managing funds of N42billion in 2006, to managing funds in excess of half a trillion Naira as at today.

We ended the year 2006 with 190,000 RSAs, and today we have 700,000 RSAs.”

Da-Souza hinted that after 12 years of operations, it is time for the firm to distinguish itself from other PFAs as well as other ‘trustfunds’ in the country.

She submitted that the company’s logo, which simply says ‘Trustfund’ has been difficult for the public to differentiate the firm from other organisations such as Tertiary Education Trustfund, defunct Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF) amongst others.

Da-Souza explained: “This confusion reached its peak to the extent that we were frequently asked the question: ‘which Trustfund are you?’ ‘Which Trustfund is yours?’ Today, we proudly unveil the new Trustfund Pensions Limited corporate identity, with a competitive differentiation as we pledge to continue to raise the bar and push ourselves to the very best for our customers and stakeholders and indeed for ourselves and our families.”

On her part, the Company Secretary Monica Ani, said the new logo is a part of Trustfund’s trajectory in the last 12 years and an effort towards repositioning the firm for greater efficiency.

Ani explained that while it did not take 10 years to realise the need change the logo, recent happenstances and the need to boost the corporate image of Trustfund Pensions made the change inevitable.

She further explained that reregistering the PFA from public limited to a private company, and existence for about 12 years, were landmarks that influenced a need for a logo that clearly showcase, what Trustfund Pensions stands for.

Ani added: “After these milestones, we decided to take another look at ourselves and what we wanted. We wanted a brand that speaks to the up and coming generations.

In coming up with a new brand, we insisted that what is central and very important to us is to keep emphasising the word ‘trust’ because where money is concerned, trust has to be built.

That was why the rebranding team came up with not only the Trustfund Pensions, which let people know that we are in the pension industry, but the colours and style that depict our philosopy.”

Ani insisted that the essence of pension is not about the old generation, saying, “the thinking that pension is about the older generation is a wrong notion. The whole essence of pension is that workers prepare for it when they are young. If they start at young age, they are able to save enough and would not rely on anyone for survival when they grow old.”

The company said the light blue colour represents trust, confidence, technology and stability while the deep blue stands for loyalty, strength and wisdom.

The grey symbolises friendship, maturity, imagination, sophistication, security, reliability and intelligence.

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