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Abednigo explores practical guidelines for purposeful living


Timeless Counsel for Purposeful Living (Abednigo, Lagos; 2017), written by Odomero Abednigo, is a compilation of 40 short, thought-provoking nuggets for living the life of purpose. They are designed to aid readers in connecting their abilities, needs and desires for purpose. It is for people who are keen on sustaining a life of purpose irrespective of the circumstances facing them. Each thought is highlighted with corresponding biblical verses.

The author emphasises character as a crucial part of man’s existence. Although our spoken words are the first attraction upon meeting new people, Abednigo states that character is proven to speak beyond words and therefore has a more lasting effect on the survival of relationships.

As the author puts it, “At first, people are drawn by your words, but without works your words soon lose their drawing power; you convince people more with your works than your words. Though your words may first get people’s attention, but it is your works and back to your words, which they will come to hear, if they are fully convinced of your works.”


There is wisdom in getting ready for the storm before it hits than being hit by the storm unready, then dealing with its aftermath. This is a similar concept the 29th thought in the book addresses: “If you prepare for the unexpected, you would be prepared if the unexpected happens.”

The author emphasise early preparation, as a necessary first step to getting ahdead in life, noting, “If from our view, the future were not hidden, our expectations of tomorrow, being too certain, would, for the unexpected, warrant no preparation. But because the future is hidden from our view, and our expectations of tomorrow are not too certain, it behooves us to prepare…”

There are several other purposeful thoughts contained in the book. If properly applied, the knowledge contained in Timeless Counsel for Purposeful Living would help readers achieve their purpose in life. Although the thoughts are short, they carry much wisdom and weight that will help readers undertake the journey of finding meaning to their lives.

Abednigo has passion to a life of purpose and asks everyone to also share in the richness such life offers those who are meticulous in seeking after the best out of life. A Christian, the author is also a life coach and an exponent of God’s message of purpose to his generation. He is keen on getting as many people as possible to live a life of purpose.

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