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Akindele ready with Jenifa TV series


WHILE some screen celebrities were enjoying the Charismas and New Year holidays, star actress Funke Akindele was on location working on her newest pet project- a television series titled Jenifa. The series is now ready and the notable actress who had a busy 2014 said the series was a fulfillment of a promise she made to her fans to continue to make more entertainment content, particularly Jenifa.

  Jenifa is an alias she earned after she successfully portrayed the character of Jenifa in the commercially successful three-part movie of same title. Funke, who won a couple of awards in 2014 and signed a couple of endorsement deals, declared that she was poised to rule the movie world in 2015. Apart from Jenifa TV series, the actress and producer also have plans for reality TV and radio talk shows.

  According to the actress, “I actually wanted the character of Jenifa to take a deserving rest but I am amazed that many years after, the Jenifa character still resonates. Anywhere I go it is welcome, and people love to see, hear that part of Jenifa in me. I want to believe that my portrayal of Jenifa this time will be loved more by the viewers of the drama series. There will be more chemistry with co-actors. I must quickly add that a good number of actors in the original Jenifa are involved, alongside new faces and that will be the highlight of the show”.

  Commenting on the production process of the TV series, Akindele hinted that audition for the series attracted ‘not less than 1, 200 promising talents’. She expressed happiness at the turn out of talents, adding, “The turnout was huge, impressive. I was really overwhelmed by the number of those who came. At the last count from the register, over 1200 talented people showed up and I have assured all those who were duly auditioned of a role either in Jenifa TV Series or Scene One movies productions and other works that I am involved”.

  Also speaking on the proposed radio and television reality shows, Akindele stated that she had been toying and working on the idea for sometime and that both projects were now ready for the public. She said, “We are doing a talk show and a reality show; it has been in the offing for so long. Now, it is coming out of the can. It is a reality show that will touch the nerve of our socio-political existence and I must also say that it is beautifully scripted. To me, it is a gift of laughter, knowledge, and enlightenment to my fans and lovers of good art”.

  Already, Akindele said she was ready with the pilot of the radio show, noting, “It will all be rolled out in February. We have finished working on it and it is right now being appraised by prospective advertisers and sponsors”.

  Meanwhile, the star actress has opened fresh social media accounts to engage her numerous fans to ward off impostors extorting money from unsuspecting members of the public. She disclosed that her new website is and that fans could source whatever information they want on her projects from it.

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