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At CORA Book Trek, author urges scholars to reorganise Nigeria


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Scholars in Nigeria has been urged to come together to see how they can help organise the country. This was the opinion of Jimanze Ego-Alowes, one of Nigeria’s leading nonfiction authors and public intellectuals. He spoke on Friday, September 27, 2019, at the 11th Committee for Relevant Art’s (CORA) Book Trek held in Lagos.

Ego-Alowes, who was the guest author of the book reading event, said scholars should seek ways on how they could improve the country.

The acclaimed author and thinker, who read from his latest work, The University-Media Complex As Nigeria’s Foremost Amusement Chain, enjoined scholars to stand as a bridge for the reorganisation of the society.


According to him, “the problem with Nigeria is not about leadership but the very low quality of scholarship.”

While saying they have not done what should be done, pointed out that Nigerian scholars have not expanded the boundaries of knowledge. To him, in such a situation, “it is not possible for the leaders to act.”

He asked, “have Nigerian scholars made their global marks?” He gave two instances using Carl Sagan and John Maynard whose scholarship efforts are respected today.

Ego-Alowes mentioned countries whose scholars have contributed immensely to their growth and development such as America, China, India, Singapore, and Tanzania.

He also cited growing ethnic consciousness, which has threatened the unity of the country, saying they emerged as a result of leadership failure.

He concluded by saying that the country’s redemption is going to be a collective responsibility. “We need to aim at the unification of the people and proffering solutions to our problems,” adding, “it is better to over prove a new truth than to under-establish it.”


Published by The Stone Press Publishers, the book has enjoyed critical reviews and has been acclaimed as one of the most seminal works on development by an African.

Meanwhile, the 12th edition of the Trek holds today at Freedom Park, Lagos. Bunmi Oyinsan is a guest author at this last edition of book reading before Lagos Book and Art Festival. The event starts at 3.30 pm.

The author of three novels, Three Women, Halima and Fabulous Four, Oyinsan was born in Lagos and raised in Port Harcourt.

She has an MA from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax Nova Scotia and a Ph.D. from York University, Canada. She has published several short stories in anthologies and literary journals in addition to her novels.

She will be reading from the newly republished Three Women. It will be an interactive back and forth with the audience.

The book is multiple first-person perspectives in the form of letters and journal entries, Three Women, portrays the inner workings of a modern African family as they face common relationship, love, family and life problems.

A strong and reflective soul, Aduke, is ostracised from her family when she is accused of witchcraft.

Her daughter, Ibidun, confused and rebellious is raised to distrust her, but after getting pregnant as a teenager, she is forced to seek out her mother for help. Compelled by circumstances, Ibidun is forced to leave her infant daughter in her mother’s care. The years pass as Aduke and her granddaughter, Oyinkan, two outcasts haunted by the fact that they were born outside wedlock, become so close it appears they merge into one being, governed by seemingly synchronic movements.

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