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At last, Ultimate Woman emerges

By Chuks Nwanne
02 December 2015   |   1:12 am
AT the launch of the Gulder Ultimate Promo in Enugu, many predicted it was going to be the usual men’s thing, just like it was in the days of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), where you only had The Last Girl Standing.

Ultimate-WomanWins brand new car in Gulder Ultimate Promo, as Esedi shines in Utimate Chase
AT the launch of the Gulder Ultimate Promo in Enugu, many predicted it was going to be the usual men’s thing, just like it was in the days of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS), where you only had The Last Girl Standing. But unlike GUS, the Ultimate Promo is not just about strength and power; there’s a bit of luck in the game.

Indeed, the show, which has touched different parts of the country, was all about the men, until the 15th edition in Onitsha, where Ayobami Ogundeji, a 35-year-old hairdresser from Osun State, won the 15th brand new Hyundai Elantra. Incidentally, it marked the first time a female would win a car in the Gulder Ultimate Promo, as the 14 previous cars had been driven away by men.

Mrs. Ogundeji emerged the star prizewinner at the last electronic raffle draw of this year’s edition of Gulder national consumer promotion, which was held at the Sweet Garden Bar in Onitsha. The highly elated wife and mother stated that she was shocked when she received the phone call informing her of her good fortune.

“When I received the call that I was the winner of the brand new Hyundai Elantra car, I did not believe at first. It was after I was informed that I won the car courtesy of the Gulder Ultimate Promo that it dawned on me that it was genuine. It has been celebration galore in my house with my husband and my children ever since I received the good news,” she enthused.

Ogundeji, who also sells beer, said she heard about the consumer promotion from her customers, who helped in sending the alphanumeric numbers under the crown corks to the stipulated promo short code.

“My customers told me that Gulder was giving loyal consumers of the brand the opportunity of winning fabulous prizes, including a brand new car. They were the ones who helped me to send the crown cork codes to the stipulated Gulder short code. I sent more than 13 crown cork entries with my phone. Even though I didn’t expect to win anything and despite the fact that N10 was being deducted per SMS, I did not mind. I kept on drinking Gulder and I continually asked them to keep sending the codes,” she narrated.

With a brand new car, it’s a complete turnaround for Ogundeji and her family.

“My husband is a driver; he owns a bus and a car for commercial use. I will park this car in front of my shop so that anyone passing by will see the joy that Gulder has brought to my life. The car is for me,” she said.

Other winners, who emerged at the raffle draw were Thlama Buba and Ejike Okelom, who won N200,000 and N100,000 cash prizes respectively; while Ugwoche Uroko won a television set. Aloysious Aiyebelehin and Vandi Musa both won N50,000 shopping vouchers, while Ifeanyi Okonkwo and Gency Bature both won home theatres. David Louis and Tochukwu Aruah both won refrigerators, while Christian Obinna and Christiantus Eyo went home with 2.5 KVA generators.

The previous day, Esedi Joe David, a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, won the Onitsha edition of the Gulder Ultimate Chase. The Micro Biology graduate edged out close to 1,200 contestants, who turned up at the Achebe Stadium, to compete for the brand new Hyundai Elantra car.

The 23 year old who had earlier competed unsuccessfully at the Ultimate Chase in Owerri and Calabar stated that he competed in the Onitsha leg with the confidence that he would win.

Speaking on his experience, Esedi said, “I was at Owerri but I was unsuccessful. I also tried my luck in Calabar without winning. I arrived at the stadium yesterday and I slept on the field because there was nowhere for me to sleep. I was stressed, but I endured till the morning and I was also famished. When the race started, I almost fainted, but I ran all through. But thank God I am the winner of the brand new Hyundai Elantra car.”

Though Esedi was at the Port Harcourt leg of the Ultimate Chase, he could not participate because he did not have the six crown corks that would have granted him entry.

Esedi informed that he would have been stranded in Onitsha had he not won the car, as he had no dime on him, having expended the N1,500, which he loaned from relatives on transportation from Port Harcourt to Onitsha.

Thanking the brand for organising the Gulder Ultimate Chase, he said, “Gulder has become a pacesetter for programmes such as this. As per this promo, it is a million times beneficial to Nigerians. With this promo, the brand is celebrating over 15 persons, who have won brand new Hyundai Elantra cars. Anywhere this car goes, it will give more prominence to the Gulder brand. This is not just a car, this is a new lease of life given to me,” he enthused.

Meanwhile, 200 other participants at the Ultimate Chase won gift items such as TV sets, smart phones, refrigerators, generators, rechargeable fans and others.