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Bloody barbarians (BB)


Judgment is turned away backwards
Justice stands afar off
Truth is fallen in the street
Equity cannot enter

Alufa n sanra
Omo ijo nru*
A shame of shameless leaders
In the enterprise of evil tycoons


They declare a 7-day fasting
They become more voracious than termites
And more ravenous than the ravines
As their teeth tearing flesh for flesh

Sado-masochist leaders obscenely rich
While they make people abjectly poor
In their evil enterprise, sacrifice
Is anathema in their political lexicon

Ha! Rulers in Democracy
Of the wicked for the wicked
Of the kleptomaniacs for the kleptomaniacs
Of the unholy for the unholy

The nation is made an open sepulcher
Devouring the innocent hapless citizens
Made vulnerable in their ignoble rule
Creating woes in unheroic wars


They bake bread of affliction in oven of death
They brew wine of death in brewery of blood
They swallowed cities as mould of iyan
To become fat fools in their Machiavellian plots

The nation, an open sepulcher
The nation, gallows in places
The nation, a huge dark void
The nation, evil sea breeding vampires

The vermin are busy in their industry
Manufacturing orphans
Manufacturing widows and widowers
In the industry of misrule and cruelty

These Hitlers are destroying our today
Sacrificing the glory of tomorrow
On the altar of greed and impunity
On the canvas of iniquity

Parasites on trees of glory
Sucking to death the blood of sufferers
Making ablution with blood of sufferers
Mutilating flesh of the innocents to mincemeat

The blind leading the eyed
The wicked leading the righteous
Pollution everywhere in carnival
Turning holy field to Aceldama


The foolish are the instructors of the wise
As the wise become lame and impotent
With the tyranny of the buccaneers
Occupying our political space

Jail breakers are the lawmakers
Covenant breakers in the mills of law
Dirty hands in the till of honor
Dishonorable men in the factory of glory

The foolish instructing the wise
In the market of ideas
The wicked converting the righteous
In the bazaar of iniquities

The church breeding rogues
The mosque breeding vagabonds
The shrine crowning evil as king
All exalting unrighteousness in honor

The judiciary in a mess of pottage
Gifts corrupting minds
Bribe perverting judgment
Hallowed chambers of justice in evil cavity


The nation’s open space now landmines
Darkness from open hell
Swathing the white glory
Burning apparel of bliss

They visit Jerusalem in throng
They visit Mecca in throng
They return with venom and poison
To murder the peoples in droves

See them wearing hijabs in hypocrisy
See them wearing cassocks in hypocrisy
See them wearing ritual shawl in hypocrisy
See agents of Lucifer in white apparel


Ha! Children are stillborn
In the maternity of iniquity
Glory is slaughtered in horror abattoir
All weeping in ignoble spree in sorrow-glee

They trade blood in blood for blood
In the market of sin
Pitiless as raining ice in winter
Insensitive as cadaver in the mortuary

Weep for a nation wallowing in oppression
Swimming in miscarriage of power
Killing people like cows for money
Killing people like fowls for power

Merchants of fortune pocketing oil blocks
To unleash misfortune on the people
As sorrow running in furrows of fire
Turning oil boom to oil doom

Tell the bloody barbarians
That when justice shall come
It’ll come in flood of fury
It’ll come in whirlwind of flame

On the soapbox
They appear in flowing babariga
Promising Heaven
To deliver Hell

World war fought and won
Mau Mau war fought and won
Kiriji war fought and won
To launch men to orbit of freedom

Men of courage
Women of valour
Liberty collectives
Rise up for your rights


Sounds of battles
Echoes of victory
Rise above danger
No-holds-barred offensive

A nation citied on seven mountains
Immersed in dim darkness
Engulfed in flame of shame
Swallowed up by cloud of

Evil trees planted by evil men
Booming as evergreen forest
Good finding it impossible to survive
As light cannot penetrate the dim


The butchers put knife into our unity
Through religious manipulation
Through tribal and ethnic
And heads falling headlong,
bowels gushing out

Evil men on evil assignment
Plotting evil hegemony
Planting evil in power
To sustain power in evil for evil

Can ignorance be the shield?
Can passivity be the victory?
Can slavery be the freedom?
Can darkness be the light?


No victory ever won
In the chambers of passivity
To every tyranny, combat
To every woe, rise against

Wake up the trumpet of freedom
Blow the trumpet of glory
Power for power fight
The night shall not endure

The light of glory, beam
The light of freedom, light
The light of liberty, shoot
To overcome the darkness


Fight a good fight of faith
Fight a good fight of hope
Fight a good fight of freedom
Fight a good fight of liberty

Tell the bloody barbarians
Judgment will come
It’ll come in flood of fury
It’ll come in whirlwind of flame!
*The shepherd is feeding fat even
while the flock in penury emaciates!

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Bloody barbarians
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