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Ogunremi’s cardinal ways of Living Beyond Your Generation


Living Beyond Your Generation book written by Ogunyemi

Title: Living Beyond Your Generation
Author: Tomiwa Ogunremi
Pages: 100
Chapters: Five
Reviewer: Friday Odiase

It is not every time you get to read a Christian book that does not rehash formula for living. Though Living Beyond Your Generation is a practical book, it avoids pitfalls associated with preachy Christian formulas.

The book provides ordinary people opportunity to learn how to achieve extraordinary greatness that generations after them will continue to talk about.


Written by Pastor Tomiwa Ogunremi, an intense young man, who demonstrates his passion for humanity beyond now. He opens readers’ eyes to the realities of living forever even after death.

This inspirational book provides practical step-by-step guide on why and how a person should live a balance life of wealth, fame, health, power, influence, and recognition.

Living Beyond Your Generation reveals how the society has forced on humanity a way of life that is not only false, butleads to nowhere. This, the author calls, the seven cardinal ways of life: Go to school, get a good grade, get a good job, marry, have children, retire and die. To the society, this is the best way to live our precious life, but to humanity, it’s a huge waste of life.

The book makes the reader to understand that most people are living their life without success and are forgotten immediately after their demise from earth with no trace that they ever existed and go back to the grave with all they came with, making the cemetery the richest place on earth.

Living Beyond Your Generation is packed with insights, revelation, information, inspiration and biographies. It’s a wake-up call to living a life of purpose, value, intention and positive legacy.

Part of the appeal of the 100-page book is that it is well written and the language is simple. It is very insightful. The structural arrangement of the book is not only organical, but also captivating and allows readers to follow each chapter easily. The book is divided into five chapters.


Chapter one deals with divinity’s opinion about the subject, living forever. Is this opinion an isolated one or profanity? What was God’s original intention for man during creation? What happens after Adam fell? What palliative measure was put in place to make sure that this original intention still works? The answers to these questions are in this chapter.

Chapter two answers the question, why should I want to live beyond my generation? After all, I would have gone. What is in it for me? You will find 10 benefits of living beyond your generation in this chapter.

Chapter tree elaborates on ways through which humanity can live forever. If this is possible, how can it be achieved? There are 10 of them too. They include discovering your purpose, solving problems, breaking records, being extraordinary, adding value to people and place, serving humanity and more.

Chapter four addresses habits that make extraordinary men as well as habits that make and break humanity. There are 10 habits in this chapter that can make any man live forever.

Chapter five provides examples of people who have lived and died but are still living and also examples of people who are still living but have done things people will continue to talk about for many generations to come. Who are they? Where are they from? What did they do?

The book claims that many people have come and gone (buried) but are still living many years after through their works, impact and achievement.

Living Beyond Your Generation is the fourth book of Ogunremi. Others are Journey To Greatness; Conquering Self and Get It Done.

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