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Ogunsola amplifies morals in Kolajo and His Bird Friends


Genres in literature are important markers to group different works that share similarities in terms of forms, styles, preoccupation and even language. One of the increasingly popular literary genres is the children literature. Yemi Ogunsola, as often the wont of the practitioners of children literature, in his Kolajo and his Bird Friends, has written a didactic literary piece meant to edify school kids and even adults who love this kind of literary genre.

It is not surprising that the 39-page story is carefully written in simple prosaic language, through which the author is able to dispense with any form of ostentatiously ambiguous frills you might find in other complex literature.

With a seven years old eponymous character, Kolajo whose act of kindness to a bird would be rewarded in the long run in an almost unexpected circumstance, the book will not only have a veritable impression on the minds of its targeted audience, but also impact the virtues of humanity, which are needed in children’s formative stages.


In the book, Kolajo could have failed to heed to his inner voice, his conscience, when a flock of birds starts pleading with him after he picks a baby bird from its nest, but he forgoes his long-held dream of owning a bird by returning the innocent hatchling to its home.

It is not long that he is paid back for his charitable act, as the mother bird will help to nail down Kolajo’s abductor.

More so, the story throws light on the troubling issue of crime in the society, which needs innovative approaches from government to nip in the bud.

Another important feature of Ogunsola’s story is the use of pictorial illustrations, which essentially amplify the message-intention of the author; additionally, at the end of each section of the story a set of questions follows, which helps to ensure readers’ grip on the subject of the story. The questions are also useful for would-be teachers of the story in assessing pupils’ grasp of the storyline.

The story is undoubtedly of immense value to school pupils and a great addition to the growing genre of children literature.

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