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Celebrating courage in Sami’s art of Imagining A Beautiful Life

By Tajudeen Sowole
12 December 2018   |   4:14 am
From the increasingly sorrowful world, Hafsat Sani Sami’s debut solo art exhibition distils hope and inspires direction towards self-discovery.

Sami’s art

From the increasingly sorrowful world, Hafsat Sani Sami’s debut solo art exhibition distils hope and inspires direction towards self-discovery. Largely celebrating women of courage and inspiration in visual content, the exhibition titled Imagining A Beautiful Life was shown at Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Wuse, FCT, Abuja. Sami is an artist who is currently undergoing textile and interior architecture disciplines.

With background in design, Sami enriches her canvas in simplified visual expression of pop art. Among such paintings for the exhibition is ‘The Warrior’, a 2016 figure whose mental preparedness for the future is alive in her bold eyeballs. The artist likens ‘The Warrior’s’ mission to that of water, of which “individual drop” chooses where to go “and what form” it wishes to take. And despite being enamoured in cultural or traditional look, Sami’s woman of strength declares: “I want to flow freely”. In proper character appropriation, the figure’s cheekbones and body frame suggest how much of creativity the artist invests in articulating her concept.

In other pieces such as ‘The Nurtured,’ ‘The Healer,’ ‘The Observer,’ and ‘The Intuitive’ among others, Sami retains the same template in her digital expression. However, each work, in thematic context, exposes the cultural activism strength of the artist. Also, her canvas, flavoured and spiced with motifs as well as leafy contents, add to the depth of her creativity.

As an artist who claims to have been lost in the midst of “darkness and might, truth and illusion”, Sami rejoiced that in painting she found ‘home’ where her true self is discovered. Her art, she declares, reveals “where I am headed and what I deserve”.

Known for exposing new and fresh names into the Nigerian art exhibition circuit, Thought Pyramid noted how Sami marries her imagination with art to escape what it describes as “contradicting emotions”, during her “struggles and difficulties”. Artistic Director at Thought Pyramid, Jeff Ajueshi, sees a big potential in Sami’s emerging talent, and notes, “It isn’t every time you see a self-taught artist who can immense emotions and self into her art,” noting how she handles her emotional challenges to generate creativity.

“There is a conviction that a lot more can be sourced from her creative pool and since she already freely channels her creative energy, one cannot help but wonder the possibilities that are achievable if she continues to push and feed her imagination,” he states.

In its gallery statement, Thought Pyramid describes the exhibition as what many art lovers and others will relate with, noting, “The exhibition will remind a lot of people that some of the most innovative creations have come from the simple act of imagining something and being crazy enough to try and bring them to life.”

Part of Sami’s bio reads: “Hafsat is a creative artist and designer who was born and raised in Kaduna, Nigeria. She is the CEO and Creative Director of Kweyvè and Kweyvè Textiles.”

Sami is a graduate of Business Management from Coventry University, England, and she currently undertaking a postgraduate degree in Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, United States.

Sami has created a successful and thriving creative brand – Kweyvè – which focuses on products and services that celebrate true culture and her passion for the arts. As a painter, textile artist and furniture as well jewellery designer, she is paving the way for African jewellery creatives. She personally develops all Kweyvè pieces from her love of art, and African culture, combined with an eclectic, futuristic interpretation of what a bold African woman should be. She recently collaborated with UNICEF on: “UNICEF girls thing – something about inspiring young females,” and participated at the tedxmaitama.

Kweyvè T-shirts are stocked on American fashion platform – pop cavern, in Le Rouge, and her paintings can be seen hanging among the works of other Nigerian artists on the walls of world renowned art gallery, Thought Pyramid.