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Dafinone’s Ode to Inamorata and other poems for unveiling tomorrow

By Gregory Austin Nwakunor
20 November 2019   |   4:14 am
I am a Nigerian from Delta State. Prior to embarking on this vocation — poetry writing, I was involved in financial advisory and tax consultancy business.

Plans have reached conclusive stages for the formal presentation of poems by Wisdom Oteri Dafinone. The three collections are — Ode to Inamorata and other poems, Nature, Travelogue and other poems and Contemplations: Faith, Hope, Dirges and other poems tomorrow. The collections focus on life issue — love, relationships, faith, hope and events that shape humanity. He spoke with GREGORY AUSTIN NWAKUNOR on the unveiling.

Who is Wisdom Dafinone and how did you find yourself in poetry?
I am a Nigerian from Delta State. Prior to embarking on this vocation — poetry writing, I was involved in financial advisory and tax consultancy business.

How long have you been writing poetry?
Writing poetry was not accidental, though never pursued as a profession. I have always loved writing, albeit perfunctorily. In 1976, I was listed as Who Is Who in Poetry in USA. Serious writing of Poetry began in 2015, when I embarked on a long vacation abroad.

How many poetry collections do you have till date?
I have written about 10 poetry collections, seven with copyrights of the US Library of Congress. My poems portray issues Nigerians are familiar with, floundering dreams, fractured national unity, corruption, etc.

Is your choice of versification a protest or inkling that you must condense words?
The poet’s aspiration is to distill, transform our angst into positive purpose. We use words, symbolisms, and imageries to compel change, at least initiate dialogue.

Why poetry and not prose or drama? Why are you shunning the grandiose prose writing and drama? Or is it the
2020 NLNG-sponsored Nigeria Prize for Literature that you’re already planning for?

Poetry appears a natural fit for me. I may also attempt different genres. I am propelled primary by the love of poetry. If it brings awards, then its ‘bonus fortuna!’ From exposure to great masters of literature, from Chaucer to Shakespeare; from JP Clarke to Soyinka. Additionally, a natural and inherent curiosity to learn.

Why the choice of title, Inamorata as a title?
Inamorata epitomises ideal love or object of love.
The collections dwell on life, its inspirations and aspirations, failures and successes. Where would

Dafinone be found in the interrogation of this elitist genre?
I beg to disagree! Life — it’s inspirations and aspirations, failures and successes do not constitute an elitist genre for interrogation. They represent the daily issues of human existence, irrespective of class. My dream is to revive the love of poetry, reading and writing in our youths and future generations.

Are you launching the book and where or just a presentation to mark formal unveiling?
There’s a formal presentation or launch on Thursday November 21, 2019 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs – NIIA at 10:00am.

If the financial reward does not meet your expectations, will you continue to write?
We all envision financial rewards for our efforts. I have no exaggerated expectations of my financial rewards. My goal to write at the highest standard.

After Inamorata, what next?
There are four other books ready for publication. I have enough materials for additional three to four books. Facility to write is divinely endowed gift, for which I am eternally grateful.