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Digging deep with bubbles of hope


Title: Bursting Our Bubbles (BOB 1.0: Self Discovery)
Author: Shola Akinyemi
Publisher: Greenlife Publishers UK
Year: 2019
Pages: 80
Reviewer: Jimi David

Is your spirit low? Are you downcast or confused? Are you at the crossroads of life? Or you are in search of identity of the real you? Then grab a copy of Bursting Our Bubbles, a collection of inspirational poems written by Nigerian, Shola Akinyemi.

In an increasingly difficult world where life has become short and brutish, Akinyemi’s work couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time than now. Bursting Our Bubbles is a pot-pourri of poems that give hope to the hopeless, succour to the heart-broken while lifting up the spirit of the downcast.

Waxing lyrical and philosophical, Akinyemi describes his work as a “collection of contemporary and meditative poems for kindred souls” but the 80-page book of 40 poems is much more than that. Bursting Our Bubbles takes the reader through the journey of life, right from the cradle through to the twists and turns of living. Issues like humility, honesty, legacy, self-identity, modernisation, advancement, and impact of technology on our daily lives are well treated with frankness, sincerity and humour.

Irony, metaphor and paradox are like recurring decimals in most of Akinyemi’s poems. The author’s language is lucid and simple. His style oscillates between the narrative and the descriptive. Akinyemi treats such topics as self-discovery, self-identity and responsibility for one’s actions in poems like ‘In the Beginning,’ ‘Do You Know Who I Am,’ and T”Law of Rub Off’. One of my favourites is ‘The Average Man,’ where the poet touches on the controversy surrounding leaving a legacy.

A first time author, Shola Akinyemi, who is affectionately known as Pappy, describes himself as “a ray of light, an explorer and scientist of soul, who has spent the best part of his life inquiring into the state of this reality”. He believes everyone can experience true-life happiness and inner peace in this lifetime.

Akinyemi’s Bursting Our Bubbles is a living testimony to the author’s credo, motto or principle of living. Published in March 2019 by Greenlife Publishers, UK, the collection is the first in a series of six books. Others in the works are BOB 2.0: Conscious Growth, BOB 3.0: Life and Reality, BOB 4.0: Global Consciousness, BOB 5.0: Religion and Spirituality, and BOB 6.0: Love and Unity. Should Akinyemi maintain his simple and lucid standard of writing in subsequent collections, there is no doubt that the Bursting Our Bubbles series will turnout to be bestsellers.


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