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Effective leadership imperative for national development

By Iyabo Lawal
02 May 2021   |   4:05 am
Vice Chancellor, Babcock University, Ilishan, Prof. Ademola Tayo, has disclosed that effective leadership is imperative for African development.

Prof. Ademola Tayo

Vice Chancellor, Babcock University, Ilishan, Prof. Ademola Tayo, has disclosed that effective leadership is imperative for African development.

The academic, who spoke while presenting Finishing Well Passion For Leadership Excellence written by Ibrahim Bamaiyi Maigadi, said the book proffers solutions necessary and crucial to problems confronting the continent.

Presenting the 522-page book, the erudite professor said it is a valuable addition to the narratives on African history and the question of leadership.

“It is a call to leaders in African countries such as Nigeria, which since independence has witnessed unprecedented backwardness, penury, and poverty, and now regarded as poverty capital of the world, to demonstrate that they love their people and are passionate about their well-being by implementing people-oriented policies and programmes.”

The vice chancellor stated that the book combines real world experience and biblical narrative to show its perspective, adding that the theme of the book is the qualities of ideal leadership, which are vision, integrity, love, passion, sacrifice and monitoring.

Prof Tayo said: “The book comes from the background of African leadership since independence and cuts into the present outlook of leadership in the continent. The author presumes that he could use one edition of the book to talk on the multi-ethnic problems facing African continent. It is an achievable task that is imaginary. He writes with intelligence and appreciable knowledge of history of governance in Africa.”

According to the scholar, Africans must rise above politics that are vulnerable, which is possible with enrollment of leadership that manifests vision, love, sacrifice and willingness to mentor for development and social economic growth.

“Finishing Well, Passion for Leadership Excellence is a clear and benevolence call to aspiring leaders and those in leadership positions to cease the opportunity of leadership and turn things around for good,” Prof Tayo said.

On his part the book reviewer, Prof. Philemon Amanze, Associate Professor of comparative Religion and Ministry in Religious Studies, Babcock University, said the book explains the virtue of leadership to be the premise on the integrity and willingness to pass on the baton to a worthy succession.

On reasons for writing the book, the 65-year old clergy and Chaplaincy Director, Northern Nigeria Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nigeria, Ibrahim Maigadi said in his 43 years of active service, 17 years as classroom teacher and 27 years of doing the work of God, he was inspired to write about African leaders.

Maigadi reiterated that beyond the few bad eggs, many African leaders have actually started and finished well.