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End Time Warning


UntitledBehold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it (Isaiah 13:9).

The book, Hitgallut: The revelation of the End, by Pastor Jide Makinde (Domingo), seeks to warn the world and especially the Christians of the imminence of the ‘great tribulation’, and its consequences.

Makinde’s main objective is to awaken and sensitise both the Christian clergy and the ordinary people of all denominations, to the urgent need of a different approach, strategy and preparations for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

His second objective is sensitise the African Christians of the need for a different approach and understanding to prayers for our leaders in governments.

The world’s current status and struggle in dealing with natural disasters wrecking havoc; influencing Civil Wars; terrorism; economic meltdown, poverty; massive unemployment; famine; epidemics, such as AIDS, bird flu, tuberculosis; Sars; Ebola and so on. Climate-change resulting in Tsunamis, storms, hurricanes, flooding, heat waves, earthquake and so on.

According to the author, all these happenings will only increase in intensity as the days roll by, and this would result in the “great tribulation” and the “antichrist”.

He points to how the financially weak countries would be taken under trusteeship as being experienced by Greece at this time. Hence the need to corporately and individually pray for divine wisdom and understanding for all tiers of our government to succeed.

Hitgallut: The revelation of the End does not seek to be alarmist or sensational, but it is based on practical experiences, inviting other voices from the church and secular to bear witness to the truth.

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