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From Dafinone, It’s trilogy of poetry collection

By Adelowo Adebumiti
29 December 2019   |   3:06 am
Acclaimed poet and financial consultant, Wisdom Oteri Dafinone, has unveiled three new books to address issues about life, youths, the future

Acclaimed poet and financial consultant, Wisdom Oteri Dafinone, has unveiled three new books to address issues about life, youths, the future, and creating a better tomorrow. The books, Ode to Inamorata, Nature Travelogue and Contemplations: Faith, Hope, Dirges and other poems are filled with life’s messages.

Speaking at the event, which held in Lagos, the author said his mission is to distill and transform Nigerians’ hope into palpable positive purposes, speaking truth to power, and empowering the youths who are the true visionaries in recreating a better future.

“I dream of the day when the youth will spend less time on their smartphones and more on social skills, reading and writing poetry and prose,” he said.

The poet, who is an accountant, said writing comes easy to him, adding this year alone, he has written five books of poetry.

Dafinone, who shed light on why he honoured Bola Ige, Pa Alfred Rewane, and Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh in the collections, said Nigeria needs to honour those who sacrificed their lives for the country because it’s a natural thing.

“Nigerians need to have the emotion to honour those who sacrificed their lives. We must learn that,” he said.

The chairman of the occasion, Prof. O. Ibidapo Obe, poured encomiums on Dafinone for penning the three poetry collections and contributing his quota to the Nigerian literary landscape.

Speaking at the occasion, Father of the Day, Chief Bode Akindele, who was represented by Chief Olu Falomo, expressed appreciation to the poet for the body of work, saying in the past, poetry in the country was not presented in such beautiful forms, but was bland and meant only for the classroom.

“But flipping through the books and all the beautiful illustrations shows that poetry is taking a new dimension in Nigeria,” he said.

He also commended the author for remembering some of Nigeria’s heroes such as Ameyo Adadevoh in his poems.

Banker and entrepreneur, Fola Adeola, who was represented by his brother, Yemi Adeola, read one of the poems from Dafinone’s collections.

The book reviewer, Dr. Solomon O Azurumana, Department of English, University of Lagos, said Dafinone, like a professional artist, dexterously employs words to recreate his contemporary world using universal imageries and symbolisms.

He said: “The poet’s passionate commitment to love and family is evident in his poems. The poems exhibit versatility of ideas, in-depth knowledge of subjects and a good mastery of language and literary resources. The accompanying pictures corroborate the poet’s positions and animate his representations. They also intensify the aesthetic value of the text and enhance comprehension of ideas and positions presented in the texts.”