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Helping women find self-worth in She-Spark



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Are you feeling like a big fish in a small wash hand basin? Is the core of your being is crying for a vent to unleash? Is your gut telling you that you’re made of more? As a woman, do you really want to build a premium brand? Do you want to get ahead in your work and career? As a woman, do you want to carve a niche for yourselves?


If your response to the above posers is ‘yes’, then you’re in the right place with social intelligence expert, Yvonne Ebbi, whose third book, Finding Your She-Spark, has distilled and curated some of the finest ideas on how women can be their very best in their chosen career.

The book is a potpourri of real experiences, relatable encounters, and rich exemplars, which will help women discover, maximise and monetise their personal brands. It’s for women who want to increase their perceived worth and women who are ready to become a force to reckon with in their space.

While addressing media recently, Ebbi said, “What I’ve seen among womenfolk is the lack of courage to demand more. We give so much and, sometimes without realising it, settle for less. So, I came up with courses on personal branding. I then came up with this book called, Finding Your She-Spark. I had a whole session with some women. For some, it was, ‘I know what you’re saying. I have a dream, I have a mission,’ but they lack the courage to charge for what is duly theirs because the language of building a personal brand was absent.”


Continuing, the Oxford University alumnus, a TEDx Speaker, author, and image consultant with a specialty in personal branding, said, “So, I came up with this idea of breaking down the module of personal branding. What is personal branding? It’s like having a signature, having a unique proposition, having a brand. I help women have a brand. People don’t buy products; people don’t buy services. People buy you. If you can build that brand to be a premium brand, then you can charge premium price for it.

“I began to have masterclasses, sessions, online classes with women during the pandemic and as they were getting the hang of it, they were seeing that their lives were becoming better. So, I have put together these thoughts in this book. It’s filled with frank talks, affirmations, experiences, and people will begin to see that they can build that personal brand. They can become better in their field. Whatever you are, whatever you have, what content you have is enough for you to build a brand around.”

According to Ebbi, it’s the worth of a brand that makes money, not products or services.


“And it’s that brand that makes people say they are both going somewhere to speak. Then they give someone N10,000 and the other N100,000. What’s the difference? The second person has intentionally, deliberately, consistently, and clearly built a brand. That name is known, the brand is the name and the whole idea is to turn the name into a brand. Make a name bankable. People use that thing a lot for seminars, conferences; they use particular names that have built their personal brands.

“So, Finding Your She-Spark will help women to listen, build themselves with worth. Increase your self-worth index; increase your personal brand index and help yourself see yourself as someone who is of value, someone who has something to offer. When you see yourself that way, people will see you that way as well. And they will pay you what you’re due. The book helps women to understand how to build a premium brand. It’s filled with examples, exemplars, affirmations and it’s simplified. We’re saying up your game; have a sense of self-worth. Build that brand and then ask for a premium price for it.

“It’s for African women, who have been through hell and high waters, who have been judged unfairly. I want women to rise above all that and become all that they were meant to be. You are not wrong to aspire; you can aspire for more. And building a brand is the best step to where you want to go. It contains practical examples. Your content is important but your appearance is key so that people can see you and give you a platform to express your wealth of talent. The essence is to help women carve a niche; build a brand.”


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