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How Covid-19 changed my entrepreneurship plans –Jaysplash20

By Editor
04 November 2020   |   10:22 am
In a year that many considered the year of colossal loss for the global economy and local businesses, Judith Chinenye Edega...

In a year that many considered the year of colossal loss for the global economy and local businesses, Judith Chinenye Edega AKA Jaysplash20 is rather dreaming big and thinking of the possibility of floating more businesses including a charity foundation in the near future.

“I am not involved in charity presently, but we have something coming up in the years to come,” she affirmed.

The entertainment entrepreneur clarified further: “This is not to say I don’t reach out to the needy in my own little way, I do that often. Seeing the less privileged smile is my mission.”

She further spoke of how her initial plan for 2020 was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic: “Expansion, diversifying, taking over –that was the big plan for 2020. But the emergence of the deadly coronavirus disrupted my plan and forced me to put it on hold until one is familiar with the new normal emanating from this our new realities.”

Jaysplash20 also commented on the devastating effect of Covid-19 on the global entertainment industry. While noting that there was a sort of total shutdown of the entertainment industries, citing the closure of clubs and cinemas and cancellation of events and films activities, she observed that the effect was colossal because the coronavirus was an enemy “the entire world wasn’t prepared for.”

According to her, the pandemic was especially devastating on the industry because everyone in the entertainment spectrum was affected. “Actors and actresses couldn’t go to locations to shoot; music artistes couldn’t perform as concerts were put on hold after so much had been spent and there were no events for MCs and VJs, with all red carpet occasions cancelled and people locked up in their homes.”

She noted that the period was especially traumatic for entertainers as there was no way they could derive any economic or financial benefits.

“As to how I’m coping, diversity with the grace of God is what has been keeping me going because the entertainment business is not my only source of living,” Jaysplash20 claimed.

Of her plans for the rest of the year, Jaysplash20 spoke in riddles. “I and my team are working on something that will surprise the world,” she said.