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How To Overcome Painful Emotions


sitting-with-emotional-pain-300x280To the beautiful, strong African woman this is your book. It is a tribute to you. At the same time it is a clarion call to the woman endowed with the rich ebony, chocolate, coffee and ivory colors of mother earth. Its essence is to let you know that you have great worth and value before your Maker. When He fashioned you, He ensured that you were woven with His grand wisdom, intricately designed with your assignment in view and carefully planted in the place of your significance. Part of the original plan for your life was to be strong in the knowledge of His love for you and to fulfill His purpose.

The plan becomes distorted by painful emotions and this book sets out in 209 pages divided into 3 parts to help women overcome a whole range of painful emotions in a clear and concise manner. Using case studies, Part One shows women how to step out of denial and understand the painful emotions raging within them. Part Two examines how to actually overcome these painful emotions and then Part Three goes a step further to discuss the elements of a new life and how to unleash your God –given potential. The workbook at the end of the book lends practicality to the whole process.

Overcoming Painful Emotions: A Guide by Debola Oni is theologically accurate and yet a practical book with true to life stories that will touch your heart. It was written by Debola Oni, a Career Direct Consultant and lawyer and published in March 2015 by Dayspring Helps Ministry. It is a self – help book and an indispensable tool for lay counselors. There are no pretensions. It is authentic in its flavor, written by a Nigerian for her African sisters, though with a universal appeal.

Don’t allow painful emotions to mar your future. These painful emotions drain your energy and distort your God- given vision. They are drawbacks and prevent you from maximizing your potential in Christ. The whole continent is awaiting you to step out of the doldrums into a life anchored solely on Jesus Christ. In spite of what has tried to put you under you can rise up and beat all odds! You can choose to walk in freedom from the effects of painful emotions and let the virtue tucked away in you ooze out like the smell of a rare and expensive cologne.

You can stop the darkness by switching on the light; not only for you to walk in, but for others to also bask in. Nothing can stop you unless you allow it. Enough of blaming the tradition, your shortcomings and the events and people in history who tried to drown you; you can succeed no matter how daunting it appears. You can win and you must win over anger, fear, guilt, bitterness, hatred and all other painful emotions.

In a statement credited to the author of this book stated that it is a companion and readership delight irrespective of religion, race, tribe, culture and belief.

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