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In Aurora, Paula Onohi Omokhomion addresses Stepmothers’ abuse, corruption


Aurora is a book written by Paula Onohi Omokhomion when she was 13. The book addresses problems people face in life and gives them hope. The book also addresses the issues of stepmothers abusing their wards and children, society and corruption.

Aurora, a Latin word, which means ‘a new dawn’, interrogates 19th century England.

The five-chapter book, 295 pages, which is a product of thorough research, careful planning and execution, serves as wakeup call to the society and women who are going through hard times in life and encourages them to trust and keep fighting.


Omokhomion believes that the book stands as a guide to help the person pick pieces of his or her life and live again. The book outlines how the reader can find truth and win.

“Moving forward into a quality life will almost be impossible if you continue to keep calm and continue to live with someone who doesn’t want to see you shine and experience joy,” she noted.

According to her, “sometimes, challenges come in order to push us to our destiny.”

It is an inspiring story for women. It is basically a study of three different women who were in their worst situations and the chain reaction of their terrible ordeal.


“Aurora knew that she couldn’t have hope — something her money couldn’t buy, but by chance, she finds herself married to a man named Noah Harington. She doesn’t know that perhaps her salvation may come from the most unexpected place. There are hard things women struggle with, the struggle to feel worthy of good things, struggle to become whole, open, and connected person. No matter what you face in life as a woman, no matter how long your hope has been dashed, don’t have a defeatist mindset. Keep hope alive.”

Speaking on the book, Martha Ugbede-Adejoh said, “Aurora is about a slave girl, who was sold to a white couple, and was later impregnated by her master, a married man. The story happened during the slave trade era. It is a story about a girl who suffered emotional abuse, violation from her stepmother and the society, laws of the land and the past.

“Aurora sought love from a woman whom she called ‘mother’ but was maltreated. Aurora became pregnant and later had to hand over her baby for someone to take care of as she went to look for true love. When she was about leaving, Aurora’s stepmother said to her, ‘you will never be loved properly’. It was a striking comment that demeaned a young girl who had found herself in a bad situation. Aurora showed a virtue of a woman, strength of a woman, the courageous life a woman and good aura. She later found love in the hands of a young lad who was unjustly killed. The story gives hope to the hopeless, empowers and encourages those going through tough times in life.”


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