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In new book, Abraham deepens knowledge of God

By Bayo Ogunmupe
07 November 2021   |   2:36 am
This paperback book tells people how to know God. Many people have had interaction with Jehovah but they hardly know or have intimate knowledge of the Almighty.

Emeka Izeze (left), Andrew Umoru, Banji Ojewale, Segun Babatope, Pastor Philip Oluwi, Chairman of the editorial board of the book, ‘Kumuyi: Defender of the Faith’; Pastor John Akinwande, Lagos moderator of Deeper Life Bible Church; Tunde Ope-Davis, Euriel Momah and Biodun Olajide at the exhibition of the book in Lagos.

Title: Tell Me About God
Author: Victoria Praise Abraham
Publisher: Self Published
Year of publication: 2021
Pages: 260
Genre: Non-fiction, autobiographical
Reviewer: Bayo Ogunmupe

This paperback book tells people how to know God. Many people have had interaction with Jehovah but they hardly know or have intimate knowledge of the Almighty. And few know, love, trust and obey God. The Coronavirus, which devastated the globe in 2020, created the time and environment to revisit the concept of faith in God the omnipotent and the Merciful.

With this book, its author, Victoria Praise Abraham, seeks to reveal the nature of true God to His creatures, the human beings.

This book reveals some important attributes of God and how some true believers have come to connect with Him in the course of their lives.

The book is deeply insightful and educative. Abraham has helped to shine more light to Christian evangelism with the twin concept of trinity and holiness. If you truly desire to know God, by loving, trusting, serving and obeying Him in the course of your lifetime, He will reveal Himself to you and bless you.

Everything you need or want is already here on earth. It is simply a matter of choosing the thoughts and actions that will put you in harmony with what you desire. Then you will attain it.

In her 10-chapter book, Abraham introduced her evangelical Christianity with Why Tell Me About God?

Here, she listed some pointers on why it is imperative to believe in God. “When we pray, God answers. God certainly answers prayers when we pray. Millions of faithful followers of God can attest to this. I am living proof of this truth. I have a catalogue of answers to prayers in my life and this was one of the reasons I decided to write this book.”

The existence of the Bible is perfect proof of the existence of God; it presupposes that there is God. The Bible contains all that man will ever need to excel or succeed in life. The bible is prophetic and practical; it is a manual to guide us through life and its vicissitudes.

Stories of survival after death, of people dying and being restored back to life abound such that we really cannot ignore them, leaving us any choice other than to believe in God. The survival of the Jews during the holocaust when Adolf Hitler during World War 11 decided to wipe out the whole nation of Jews, tells the story of a living, vibrant God who exists in all creation. Every true believer has a story to tell, which gets him born again, leaving behind a life of wickedness and evil.

After returning from a chase of the Golden Fleece, she became self-employed in the salon business. This flourished for a while until she met a prophet who prophesied she would succeed as a writer and evangelist. Not long after meeting the prophet, she attended the Holy Ghost Service of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (Lekki ’98) with its general overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, ministering.

At that meeting with over a million worshippers attending, Adeboye said, ”someone here…you think you are going to die, you will not die but live to declare the goodness of God in the land of the living.”

Abraham clung to that to survive and actualise the prophecy of becoming a world-famous writer and evangelist. After her encounter with Adeboye at Lekki ’98, she gave her life to Christ by becoming a dedicated member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

As a member of RCCG, she attended their Workers –in- Training Programme thereby joining the church workforce. She got baptised by immersion in the same church and began contributing as a writer to their Tract and Publication Division.

In 2011, she published her first book, Treasures; hugely successful at its launching and with many brilliant reviews. Over the next nine years, she wrote a total of 11 books and by 2019 she had published 12 books on the leadership style of the servant of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye whom God used to deliver her from severe depression.

Victoria Abraham is a motivational writer and speaker. She has written many bestselling books such as 12 Golden Laws of Success; 100 Life’s little Lessons and her Weekly Wisdom for Winning in Life on the Internet. She is the CEO of Vic Abraham Media Nigeria Limited. She resides in Lagos.

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