Thursday, 28th October 2021
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In new book, Bukola Majekodunmi interrogates grace

By Eniola Daniel
19 September 2021   |   3:15 am
Chief Vision Officer of Bosworth Marketing Consulting, Bukola Majekodunmi, has unveiled a 152-page memoir, which is titled, Bewilderment of Grace.

Chief Vision Officer of Bosworth Marketing Consulting, Bukola Majekodunmi, has unveiled a 152-page memoir, which is titled, Bewilderment of Grace.

The memoir takes her readers on an adventure, as she narrates her experiences, using them to paint a picture of God’s grace in her life and business ventures.

After university, Majekodunmi finds herself in the labour market, where she realises that life is not as easy as it looks. She goes from years on the road, working at contract jobs until a decision to chose to serve God sets her on a path she can never forget. Today, with company operations in Africa and South America, she shares the story of how God’s grace has led her through life and opened doors of favour.

As the chief vision officer of Bosworth, a multinational experiential marketing agency with operations in eight African and four South American countries, Majekodunmi has spent over 20 years working and developing teams in different capacities in publishing, public relations, events management and marketing communications.

In Bewilderment Of Grace, a work of profound reflection and engrossing storytelling, she offers readers a peek into her world, chronicling the events that have moulded her from her childhood in Epetedo to her years as a graduate and her time spent balancing the demands of career and family, as well her relationship with God.

She reveals her losses, triumphs and disappointments, recounting her story as she has experienced in her own words, through the lenses of divine grace and favour.

“Writing Bewilderment of Grace has permitted me to look back on the epic adventures of my life. In this book, I take into account the bewildering power of God’s grace in my personal and business life. I pay homage to the parents who gave me the gift of God and blazed a path for me to follow. I hope my adventure inspires readers to find the courage to choose God first and follow His path,” she said

Speaking on the book, she said: “It was inspired by God. We embarked on series of prayer sessions, standing in the gap for the word in one of Grace Ladies International Fellowship at the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic and it was during that period I had an elaborate dream and heard the word’ ‘Bewilderment Of Grace’ being said to me. We are in a world where people thought those encounters were made up, but the truth is, those encounters are real, God still speaks and he speaks clearly.”

Bewilderment of Grace is a testimony to the reality of the empowering and transforming power ot God’s grace. Reading the book will connect readers to Gods great and glorious grace. “I am not an expert on grace but I reflected on my life journey and documented how I have experienced the grace of God upon my life. The low, the high, the challenges, the tests and how I was able to navigate through.,” she said.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, master in business administration from the Manchester Business School, United Kingdom and she’s a certified member of the John Maxwell Team of speakers, trainers and coaches.

She is also a fellow of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN) and Programmes Coordinator of the Association of Business Women in Commerce and Industry in Nigerian.