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In new offering, Lomuwagun canvasses new social order

By Ransome Mgbeahuru
29 March 2020   |   1:52 am
Societal challenges have often influenced many writers. Dayo Lomuwagun is no exception. In his new books, the chartered accountant, author, poet and motivational speaker, addresses such challenges.

Societal challenges have often influenced many writers. Dayo Lomuwagun is no exception. In his new books, the chartered accountant, author, poet and motivational speaker, addresses such challenges.

At the book presentation, which held on March 14, 2020, Lomuwagun clamoured for a new social order.Held at the University of Lagos, the event attracted high networth guests such as, Brigadier General Raymond Ochei, Senator Boluwaji kunlere, Chief Olusola Oke (SAN), Dr. Muntaqa Umar-Sadiq, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, the chief launcher, Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, Hon Akintomide Akinrogunde and others.

Speaking on his latest books, Lomuwagun said, “These seven books were written — all in seven month. Those seven months were the most troubled and uncertain times in my life, however, having received help from God. Whosoever has no life’s challenges is dead.”

He continued: “Our society is fast failing. Almost everything has been messed up. The family, religious and government institutions are fast failing, as the society seems to be set on autopilot, speeding off into its day of doom. This is not the best of times for our society. The height of moral decadence daily validates the fact that we are indeed in perilous times, the scary monsters of corruption, kidnapping, banditry and all forms of violence, which now threaten our very existence.”

Lomuwagun added: “We cannot fold our hands and do nothing. We either succeed or perish together as a people. We unavoidably need a revolution, a revolution of the pen and books, a revolution of values — honesty, diligence, good neighbourliness, justice, and of patriotism’ a revolution of those very valuable African traditions and culture that we have sacrificed in our quest to be Westernised.

“Although we have ended political imperialism, imperialism has refused to die from our veins. We have since fallen for the neo-colonisation strategy of the West fueled by the greed and ignorance of some of our people. Today, white is good and black is evil — a dangerous template for the wellbeing of any people. We must do something urgent and sustainable before this virus, which is deadlier than COVID-19 consumes us.

“This is the time to remind ourselves of the rich African tradition and values that we have sacrifice in our quest to be Westernised, awaken the consciousness in us to rise and salvage whatever is left of our society, to challenge the monster status quo and fight for the soul of our dear country and awaken a great reading culture, expected of genuine education, building individuals who will be self-reliant,” he added.

While reviewing The Bizarre Bazaar and The Camaraderie of twenty, Nkem Mojume highlighted the declining moral values and decadence that have eaten deep into the fabric of the family as an institution and the use of children’s right.

According to Mojume, “the resultant effect of their positive character changes had a huge impact on the total transformation of their community. The role of knowledge dissemination and empowerment platforms in societal building cannot be over-emphasised. The bane of most nations is the lack of good leadership with the right capacity to focus on the more pertinent goals.”

On The Camaraderie of twenty, she said the 10-chapter book, with 111 pages, explores the journey of 20 young hopeful citizens of Achuugo Republic. Achuugo Republic that represents the continent and how the colonial master caused disunity, irresponsible leadership, lack of trust, corruption, civil wars, insecurity, poverty, unemployment and a host of devilish acts have continued to plague these countries. Even to the point of rendering some of them as failed nations. These books address the societal issues facing us today and it has also proffered solutions to those problems,” she said.

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