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In Talk N Do, group raises awareness on rule of law

By Margaret Mwantok
29 March 2020   |   3:08 am
The Rule of Law and Anti-corruption (RoLAC) group recently spotlighted these ills through a musical drama, titled: Talk N Do, to raise awareness on the rule of law and anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria.

A scene from the play

Nigeria is a beautiful country that is blessed with a lot of talent and diverse cultures. But also, within, there is little or no respect for the rule of law. When it comes to criminal justice, which, most times, favours the corrupt, those who are no corrupt bear the brunt for being honest.

The Rule of Law and Anti-corruption (RoLAC) group recently spotlighted these ills through a musical drama, titled: Talk N Do, to raise awareness on the rule of law and anti-corruption crusade in Nigeria.

The play addresses issues of corruption, nepotism, religion and ethnic intolerance, security, poor leadership and so on.

Reechoing the saying that talk is cheap but action is expensive. Often, a lot of people would tilt towards the former.

Talk N Do aimed to drive the consciousness of non-governmental organisations, civil societies and the entire society to match words with actions by addressing all the issues raised to create a better world for all to coexist.

Depicting how citizens stand and watch their rights trampled upon, but would rather keep quite out of fear of victimisation while persons with disabilities are left in a world of their own.

The opening scene shows an improvised market, invaded by men of the Task Force the previous night. What about criminal justice? The jobs of the police, LASMA, VIO, Road Safety and others are not clearly defined; hence they encroach on each other’s jobs.

“Why has government failed to tell us the work of SARS, LASMA, EFCC and others?” asks one of the characters. Then there are those jailed and forgotten without being charged to court.

Talk N Do held at NECA House, Alausa as part of activities for the 2020 Lagos Theatre Festival and produced by Kininso Koncepts Production. The play was part of RoLAC’s objectives to strengthen civic and public engagement of citizens in criminal justice sector reforms and anti-corruption initiatives.

The play reminds government of the need to properly engage the public before coming up with policies and laws that affect the people directly. Recall the banning of motorcycles in Lagos State? It interrogates the hypocrisy behind the enforcement of such laws, as some of the officers are alleged to own commercial motorcycles that still ply the routes.

Talk N Do caricatures the security force treat victims of gender-based violence. “What did you do to provoke your husband? The characters reeled out the typical questions that police officers ask victims when they report at the station.

It also takes a look at the religious leaders who abuse their positions by defiling young women and girls as the only condition before they render help to them.

The cast took turns to say, “The public is often quite about issues of corruption, domestic violence, embezzlement, fraud, lack of fairness, honesty and transparency. We need to connect the dots and engage in public dialogue to discuss matters that affect us and question government’s accountability integrity to implement action plan. In my society, the good is the bad, the wrong is the right.”

Talk N Do deploys music, dance, drama, poetry and pictures to portray a socio-political piece that deals with the role of citizens in the bid to strengthen anticorruption laws in Nigeria.

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