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Iyoghiojie unleashes beauty and the beholder as new gallery is unveiled


Pitar Alakhume’s work

From tomorrow, the attention of arts community will shift to a new art gallery, under LVI Home and Office Solutions Limited on Henry Ojogho Crescent, Lekki Phase1, Lekki in Lagos, as it hosts its debut show Beauty and the Beholder, which opens tomorrow, April 15, till April 20.

CEO, LVI Home and Office Solutions Limited, Mr. Julius Iyoghiojie, who spoke with the media last week, said the show, which would showcase artworks by contemporary Nigerian artists, got its theme from the works on display.

According to him, “the works are a bundle of beauty, while the clients and guests are the beholder.”

He added, “we are exposing beauty to the world and giving the beholders something that last more than a lifetime, something that aims to develop the career of artists while promoting Nigeria’s heritage in the art space.”

He said that the gallery’s maiden exhibition would showcase works of artists such as, Soji Yoloye, Ehigbor O.B.J, Pitar Alakhume, Joel Utuedor, Alagbada Olayinka, Odeyemi Oluwaseun and others.

According to Iyoghiojie, “I started selling art works in 1994. I sold a lot of artwork in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, where I also had my first art exhibition as a collector which was sponsored by Alliances Française in 1995 titled, Colour Explosion.”

He continued, “I have done a lot of shows after that, but still maintaining the concept of affordable art. The beauty about art is that art is priceless because you cannot put a price to someone’s creativity. But, there is always a common ground with the artists in terms of pricing.”

On the objectives of the gallery, he said: “We want to bridge that gap, and show that artworks are affordable and whatever you love you can afford.” He added, “ we are trying to promote the artists. If an artist in the past can sell three pieces of work in a year and same artist can now sell 30 pieces of work in a year, it means he is increasing his reach.”

Still on the gallery’s objectives, Iyoghiojie pointed out, “we are promoting Nigerian art and craft which is the cultural aspect. There is also a social and economic aspect of it in terms of affordability for both individuals and corporate organizations. There is nothing like a corporate price. The principle of affordability is across board. We do not want organisations overspending in their budgeting.”

Iyoghiojie disclosed that the gallery was founded on the mantra of ‘quality and affordable art’, assuring that there will be no compromise.

“We don’t allow the price affect the finishing. We give you first class piece of artwork. I mean first class by every standard at economy price. I have not seen anybody that does not like a piece of art work, be it a sculptural piece or painting of whatever kind, what varies is the taste from one person to another. Most people are afraid to admit they appreciate art works because of affordability,” he said.

Iyoghiojie, who studied Petroleum Engineering at the University of Benin, Edo State, got inspired by the artworks of his artist friends who were fine art students at the university.

He recalled that some of the students who were in final year, used art works as their projects and they talked about artworks as being very expensive. This led him into collection, marketing and promotion of art and artists, which brought the concept of affordable art.

“The pride of an artist is for his works to be in homes and offices, museums and churches for people to see and appreciate. Why would you have something that is beautiful and is hidden? What is the value for an artist to secretly admire his/her creation alone?” he asked.

“Let their creation be exposed to the world for people to appreciate and by this the artist will gain appreciation too. As a collector, I was able to gain some level of trust from the artists and I became their marketing agent,” Iyoghiojie remarked.

As a collector, there is no favourite artist, but I like their creativity. In the art world, there is no good or bad works. It is only in people’s portrait you can have good and bad.

Our organisation, LVI Home and Office Solutions does more than an Art Gallery. It is a one-stop shop for Home Furniture, Interior and Exterior Decoration, Relocation and Renovation Services.

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