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I am Yeshua unsettles narrative about easter


Wife of the author, Mrs. Blessing Osuchukwu (lefy); the author, Mr. Chidimma Osuchukwu, and CEO of SMP International Publishing, Abraham Chijindu Obinnaya at the launch of I Am Yeshua during the recent Passover feast… in Lagos

Chidimma Osuchukwu launched his new, expository bible-based book I Am Yeshua on the now popular Christian season known as Easter celebrated worldwide recently. He chose the period to coincide with the exposition he and others of like minds are making regarding the ignorance and consequent idolatry many the world over have fallen into when they celebrate Easter, a pagan feast.

Osuchukwu and his co-travellers on the Christian faith would rather celebrate the ‘Passover’ which Christ himself participated in and not Easter, which is a pagan feats imported into the Christian liturgy. They believe that Easter is an ancient pagan festival known as Ishtar which was imported into the Christian faith to corrupt the true worship of the son of God, Yeshua.

According to the CEO of SMP International Publishing), publisher of I Am Yeshua, “The book is written out of love in furtherance of the great commission – ‘go yea into the world and preach the good news to the ends of the earth’.On his part, the author Osuchukwu, “What we have done is to make the bible simple for understanding and to expose to the world who Yeshua the Christ really was and who he is to the world. The book is different, written in narrative style. Yeshua is the embodiment of the work of his father.”


Osuchukwu expressed dismay that learned and well-travelled people still fail to gain true understanding of who Yeshua is and have continued in ignorance of the person they claim they believe and worship and so continue in teachings and doctrines that are well outside of the bible, both to lead themselves and others astray. It is his hope that his book I Am Yeshua will help bridge the gap of ignorance so prevalent in the way the gospel of Yeshua is being propagated in Nigerian and worldwide.

On the claim whether his book is in tandem with popular but controversial teacher Daddy Freeze’s teachings that is at variance with popular evangelical teachings, Osuchukwu said, “No, we have not modeled our book after anybody and we are not controversial. However, controversy is not always negative; it can be positive. Yeshua was the most controversial man on earth in his day. The bible is the basis of Christianity, but why do its scholars and teachers abandon it for yet other things not found in it? This is what I Am Yeshua is out to do, to correct most of the wrong teachings being taught today and give proper guidance on the true teaching of Yeshua for the salvation of mankind. The feast of Passover is the best time to do it through this book.”

At the launch book reviewer, Kunle Abrahams, explained the purpose of the book in clear terms, “The book is not your typical religious book written for the purpose of making money out of the congregation. The situation in Christendom deserves more seriousness and that is one of the flaws this book has come to address. What is the state of Christendom today? Many are aware of the obvious flaws but due to mental lethargy and flagrant complacency, we would rather remain with the status quo.

“No one should blame Christians, especially Christian theologians and opinion leaders. Such challenges also come with untold toll on finances and even one’s prestige, but should we all keep quiet and fold our arms while we continually wallow in obvious ignorance? Someone has to step forward in the mould of Martin Luther to fight this cause and gladly Chidimma Osuchukwu has released himself for this onerous task.

“At times too the proliferation of false doctrines that many have grown to embrace may not be due to willful pursuit of it, but due to historical exigencies of translations and misinterpretation, which has distorted the truth in the Bible for most believers. Unfortunately many, including many religious leaders, have followed the complacent path of doing it as it has always been done and that is why we are where we are today – a generation steamed in biblical false doctrines and beliefs, with untold toll on the core of our faith as Christians.”


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