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Making proactive commitment to purposeful living


Prof. Eyitayo Lambo

Every human being is made for greatness, not mediocrity. And every human being was formed in the image and likeness of the Creator — a God of purpose and destiny.

Fulfilling the true meaning of your life and realising your dreams entails discovering your life purpose. This doesn’t just happen overnight — it is a journey.

To successfully travel the road towards finding personal fulfillment and significance, Professor Eyitayo Lambo, in his book, Proactive Commitment to Purposeful Living: A Personalised Practical Guidebook, reveals specific key decisions you need to make.


These decisions are actually secrets to finding motivation to pursue your life’s purpose… even when you encounter difficult circumstances or struggle with hopelessness.

In dedicating the new book to his wife, the writer commended her for having spent almost 70 per cent of her years on earth with him, “as my dependable wife, partner, friend, confidant, as well as my very effective Chief of Staff.”

Professor Lambo also acknowledged her for “maximally contributing to creating a home environment that has made all of us in the family to not just survive, but to thrive and flourish as we continue to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.”

The book provides details of God’s general and specific purposes for life, how an individual can plan every area of his or her life as well as how to set both short term and long term goals and how to achieve them.

The book is the first in the Frank and Rebecca Lambo Memorial Series on Purposeful Living.

The author started facing serious obstacles to living a life of significance from the age of seven, when his father died. He was determined not to let the setback make him live a life of drift.

By age 14, through God’s providence, he began developing and implementing a rudimentary strategy of life, which he refined at 17 and at 30, he had a near perfect life plan.


Divided into four parts, there is equally a space for prologue, annexes and index. In 377 pages, the book reveals God’s s perfect plan for you to maximise your life, fulfill your destiny, and live with a sense of divine purpose.

With a foreword written by Sarah Omakwu, Co-founder, Family Ministries International and Senior Pastor, Family Worship Centre, Abuja, the book gradually dovetails into biblical manual. It is not a holy bible. But it is a bible, a holy grail that determines and helps focus an individual’s life.

The opening section is called prologue. It discusses God’s general and unique purposes for every human being. Titled, God’s Plan and Purpose for Your Life, the prologue looks at life’s purpose for man.

It dwells on God’s blessings. It also provides access to Biblical wisdom and spiritual insight that will help every human being face his destiny with increased vision and greater sense of purpose.

From the first page, the book moves to practical plans to realising God’s purpose. It is about knowing what you are here to do. It looks at different definition of fulfilment, noting that it is the highest calling of man.

Eight definitions are given to rationalise what a purposeful life is, but most striking is the fourth, which lists and concludes life is the answer to the question, ‘Why Do I exist?’

The author says some are fortunate to know, some don’t. “When you reach this point and you are driven by so much positive and passionate energy, you have arrived at the finding your purpose.”


The book states, “anything you do that gives you more energy that when you start and it becomes harder to stop then continue.”

Lambo shares the essential principles, precepts and concepts that will help you begin the journey to understanding your purpose and fulfilling your destiny, especially when you understand that God is God of order.

In encouraging you to plan, he inspires your vision and empowers your potential with traits of God’s.

With Bible verses, the author interrogates God’s general purpose for human; worships, fellowships, discipleship, ministering and evangelism.

From part one, the author begins to look at the issues that shape the book from greater perspective. Two broad approaches to life and living are enumerated.

Part 2 discusses life planning and deriving a visionary template from real life experience, using the author’s background. In fact, from page 89, the author’s background comes to play.

The last two chapters rewire your belief system. It is a compact-read with all the important life lessons of Lambo.

You will experience a cross between a biographical account of his life and a motivational toolkit with the best advice to follow suite of such grand success. This impressive book crosses boundaries of race, culture, and economical margins.

No doubt, its simple strategies will teach you biblical habits for planning the future.

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