Wednesday, 27th October 2021
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Oyedeji’s passion for sustainable customer acquisition, client retention

The world of Information Technology (IT) is fast-growing and a vast one. While there are many hands trying to fish from the big pond of IT, there are those whose hooks are sharpened enough

The world of Information Technology (IT) is fast-growing and a vast one. While there are many hands trying to fish from the big pond of IT, there are those whose hooks are sharpened enough to take the biggest fish.

Kehinde Oyedeji, the Managing Director of Bryan and Beckley International, is a business development, strategy and sales professional and one whose hook is sharp enough for the biggest fishes. His talent and professionalism are tailor-made for the world of IT.

He has an unrivalled passion for creating a sustainable strategy for customer acquisition, client retention, and his strategy to achieve customer loyalty is second to none.

In this chat, he talks about what stands his company out amongst other Information Technology solution vendors, the short, medium and long-term goals of the organisation and what the future holds for IT.

On what should come to people’s mind when they think of Bryan and Beckley International, Oyedeji was keen to point out that at Bryan & Beckley International, they are into the distribution of resilient Converge IT Infrastructure and Digital Solutions. This, according to him, is done with the use of strategic alliances with some of the best network, security unified communication technology manufacturers.

He said: “We have a very strong management team that boasts of over 15 years experience in the IT distribution channel market, covering the UK, Europe and the continent supporting the resellers and system integrators community.”

Speaking on the vision strategy and mission of the renowned IT solution company, Oyedeji stated that the outfit wants to be the preferred distributor for Converged IT Infrastructure and Digital Technology Solutions in Africa.

While pointing out that the company ensures that end-users get expected returns on investment, he said they aim to deliver superior technology and competitive value service for IT infrastructure and technology value without compromise.

Revealing that the company’s Middle-East base is located at Fujairah Creative Tower, Fujairah and The Iridium Building, Al Barsha, Dubai, both in the U.A.E, the MD described his firm as a fast-growing Africa value-added IT, also with a strong base in Nigeria.

The company, Oyedeji said, has a multi-national reach, which extends to Ghana, Senegal and Ethiopia and across Sub-Saharan Africa.

He noted that the firm provides technical support to accelerate the business of their partners, adding that the company has a track record of successful projects and service delivery both within the financial and business markets. The company also has a high level of experience in meeting and exceeding their reseller partner’s expectations for their most demanding corporate clients.

When quizzed on what makes the firm different and the right choice for prospective clients, Oyedeji listed seamless partner support, prompt logistics and after-sales services, vast multinational trade access in over 20 African countries and the UAE, amongst others as the company’s allure.

“As a value-added distributor with a global network of resellers, systems integrators and service providers – we have a proven route to market products and services from the vendor to the end-user consumer,” he stated.

On its international business portfolio, Oyedeji stated that they engage in infrastructure, software and security, professional services and digital services.

He added that they also offer logistic capabilities, along with vendor services through to the end user, Supply chain management, Virtual Private Warehouse, Project management and staged rollouts, international shipping same day shipment subject to stock availability and many others.

In an ever-growing world of IT, Bryan and Beckley International are strategically placed to reap the benefits of new technology and their passion for customer satisfaction. This, according to Oyedeji is the fuel that drives the company onwards and forward in the highly competitive industry.