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Professor Johnbull prescribes “smile” as beauty enhancer, door opener


Professor Johnbull

Professor Johnbull

Professor Johnbull acted by Kanayo O Kanayo in the Glo-sponsored TV series, Professor Johnbull, has given a new insight into the concept of beauty and concluded that “smile” is not only a beauty enhancer, but “a door opener” that delivers better results than make up and social media photo-shopping applications. The erudite academic made the submission in Episode 10 of the popular TV drama series powered by data grandmasters, Globacom.

In the episode entitled Beautiful Girls which showed on Tuesday on NTA Network, NTA International and StarTimes, ace comedian and Glo ambassador, Bovi Ugboma, who made a guest appearance, arrived the professor’s residence with some ladies whom he had sourced from the social media at the instance of the academic who required them as ushers at a seminar.

Professor Johnbull expressed disappointment when he noticed that the images of the girls on social media depicted them as fair complexioned, whereas in appearance they were all dark-skinned. While wondering why Bovi would succumb to what he termed “dere dere” which he interpreted to mean ‘magic’ (in West Indies) the disciplinarian summarily dismissed Bovi with a mandate to look for real people whose online images were in tandem with their physical appearances.

The rat race for sourcing beautiful girls culminated in a face-off between Bovi and Ogus Baba whose dark-skinned nominee had a fair-complexioned face. Professor Johnbull, while shedding light on his expectation of the intending ushers declared that he had no aversion for dark-skinned girls but frowned at bleaching or usage of image-altering social media applications.
The professor thereafter engaged in a homily during which he admonished young girls on the virtue of self-esteem. “If you believe you are beautiful, then you are beautiful! Nobody should make you feel or think otherwise. Nobody should make you feel unpretty,’’ he assured the hitherto bewildered young women.

Seeing that the message gladdened the hearts of the girls who momentarily perished the ill-feeling they had harboured against one another, the professor averred further that “when you smile, whatever you look like disappears,’’
Further drawing an analogy from the entire narrative, he declared that smiles open doors and attract profitable clientele to businesses. ”True beauty lies in that one smiling face which welcomes people and draws people to you. If Miss Nigeria owns a restaurant and sits in front of the restaurant with a big frown and angry face and next to her is an unknown girl who welcomes you with a warm smile and greetings, which one would you patronise? He subsequently answered: “the one with the smiling face…”  He concluded that “Beauty is not fair or dark; beauty is not electronically-enhanced.  It is that thing that makes you glow!”

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