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Raising issues on climate change, providing solutions


climateThe issue of global warming and climate change has been a trending one. It is also a controversial issue as it has pitted many experts on different sides of the divide. However, Dike Kalu uses his book, Climate Change: For the Novice + Nigeria’s Predicament, as an educational tool on what exactly the effects of climate change are and the chemicals responsible for such changes.

“It is, therefore, essential for every individual to be knowledgeable about the basics of climate change,” Kalu writes. “This is more so in the developing countries where awareness about climate change is limited because the subject has not received the magnitude of attention it deserves.”

The book explicitly explains Nigeria’s predicament as a developing country. In the opening chapters of the book, the author explains the negative impacts global warming causes on earth, also adding that the earth is warming at an accelerated rate. “In fact, there has been an increase of about 1.4 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degree centigrade) in atmospheric temperature in all earth’s continents since the being of the twentieth century”.

Despite the prevalence of human and natural causes of climate change, there are skeptics who have been noted to also be deniers who “continue to frustrate legitimate mainstream scientific views about climate change”.

Among the prominent factors mentioned by the author which cause increase in the level of climate change are the greenhouse gases found naturally in the earth’s atmosphere and burning of fossil for energy by man (which is believed to be the primary cause of climate change). As pointed out, the impact of climate change varies depending on which part of the world and the exact location. Developing countries, for example, are exposed to more drastic results as a result of climate and global warming. This is due to the lack of well-developed infrastructure like roads, power, buildings, etc.

In the concluding chapters, solutions to the issues of climate change were introduced to the readers. According to the author, fossil fuels, which are currently the primary source of the world’s energy, should be replaced with energies like solar energy, nuclear energy and alternative energy, which are less harmful to the planet.

In the last part of the book, the author addresses the predicament of Nigeria, and proposes simple alternatives. Some of the alternatives proposed include first system and progressive leadership.

Climatic Change: For the Novice + Nigeria’s Predicament is a work of foresight considering Nigeria’s inability to develop on all fronts. It is not only individually educative, but important for citizens of developing counties such as Nigeria to be prepared for the worst.

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