Thursday, 6th October 2022
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Report puts Northern customers spend on personal care monthly at N322b

By Opeyemi Babalola
04 September 2022   |   3:08 am
A 2022 market report by Pierrine Consulting has revealed that the residents of Northern Nigeria spend N322b monthly on personal care products.

Seyi Adeoye

A 2022 market report by Pierrine Consulting has revealed that the residents of Northern Nigeria spend N322b monthly on personal care products. 

The CEO of Pierrine Consulting, Mr. Seyi Adeoye, said the report is aimed at providing an informed view of the northern market opportunity from consumers’ behavioural dynamics. Additionally, the market value estimations speak to the entire 19 states under the northern market cluster.

The report, which examined the Northern market opportunities, showed that the amount was spent monthly on top seven personal care products such as toothpaste, beauty soap, perfume, body lotion, sanitary pads, deodorants and antibacterial soaps. 

Using Kano State as a proxy, the report also discovered that residents of the region spend N163 billion monthly on carbonated drinks. 

Providing a breakdown of the spend on drinks, the report said “53 per cent of northern consumers consume some form of non-alcoholic drinks several times every single week, 66 per cent currently consume CSDs, 45 per cent consume Malt drinks, 24 per cent consume fruit-based drinks, 5 per cent take wine products and 15 per cent are consumers of Energy drink products. Over 60 per cent have Zobo and unbranded milk products within their repertoire of drinks.”

According to the report, Northerners also spend big on branded breakfast, as monthly expenditure on cocoa-based drinks, tea, cornflakes, coffee, oats, custard and Golden Morn is about N223b.

As a necessity, food and food-related items constitute 55 per cent of northern consumers’ monthly household expenditure. Additionally, 10 per cent is typically spent on utilities, 7 per cent on personal care products, 7 per cent on clothing and accessories, 6 per cent on airtime, 5 per cent on transport, 5per cent on medical health, 3 per cent on baby care products, and 2 percent on electronics.

While 58 per cent of Northern consumers have internet access, the report showed that cash transactions remain King in the region, with 91 per cent usage level. The report however discovered a considerable on-going use of USSD transactions, which it put at 31per cent.

The Pierrine report also said branded powdered milk was the most consumed of all dairy products, at 89 per cent incidence level. Evaporated milk was next at 8 per cent, sweetened yoghurt at 35 per cent and Butter at 30 per cent usage levels. In all, Northern consumers spend N151 billion monthly on branded milk powder, N36.9b on evaporated milk, N35b on sweetened yogurt, N28.6b on butter, N20.7b on Mayonnaise, N5b on condensed milk, and N1.1b on UHT milk. 

In addition, N102 billion was spent monthly on spices, N156 on laundry, and N146 billion on baby care products. 
The report also found that open markets and neighborhood stores remain preferred shopping points in the region, with 65 per cent of customers making their purchases via this channel.