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In rock on the musicals, character is fate


Human beings display different characteristic traits in life regardless of what their religion preaches, in order to get what they want or reach for an ultimate goal using all crooked means.

Rock on the Musicals, a Christian musical play, shows the real life of many who engage in indecent activities to get power.With actors and actress such as, Patrick Diabuah, Ore Badmus, Chico, Toxin Adeyemi and Izzu, Rock on the musicals will hit the MUSON Centre stage on November 24, 2019.

The play centres on a young lady, Christie, who goes through hard times after being dumped by her boyfriend. While she is still trying to recover from the shock through the assistance of her therapist friend, she finds herself thrust on centre stage of a national gospel music competition by a set of quirky coincidences.

Christie is faced with a lot of obstacles, especially from her fellow competitors, who prefer to have their way, whether by hook or crook. One of the lead characters, Chico Aligwekwe, who plays the role of MC OTT (Over The Top) is an exaggerated and colourful character who essentially brings the whole thing together, by letting the audience know what is going on stage, he is also the thread running through all that is actually seen on the competition.

The Director, ‘Rock on the Musical’, Ola Opesan, said, “it is a play that has lots of music and performances, but at the same time, there are different things going on back stage, which reflect the real world.”He said the play is gospel-like, as there are Christian undertones and challenges actually faced in real life that people see play out in the story, as everyone has to makeup his or her mind on how to operate as Christians if found in such situation or challenge of life. In other words, character is fate.

“There is the plot of the actual competition that is going on, another on some mischievous contestants who are trying to cheat to win, then we’ have the plot of one of the characters who really shouldn’t be competing but found herself there by accident through the MC OTT who is really over the top in how he conducts himself and then you just have a fine mix of different dynamics all happening at once in one story,” he said.

The director said the musical holds religious people, especially Christians accountable of their deeds when faced with temptation, as it questions their character on how they are able to discipline themselves in the society.“Well, on one level, you can read it as a Christian play, on another level it is life, It is what happens when you have several talented people who are vying for the first position, only one person can come first and because they are vying for the first position, sometimes, people go over and beyond the boundaries of decency,” he said.


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