Sunday, 2nd October 2022
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Lagos set for tropical Christmas wonderland – The Prideland Edition

By Sunday Aikulola
04 September 2022   |   4:04 am
As part of efforts by Eko Hotels & Suites to make the 2022 edition of its flagship Christmas extravaganza explosive, the facility has partnered Wakanow for its Prideland edition.

A scene from previous edition

As part of efforts by Eko Hotels & Suites to make the 2022 edition of its flagship Christmas extravaganza explosive, the facility has partnered Wakanow for its Prideland edition.

Tagged, Tropical Christmas Wonderland – Prideland Edition – it is aimed at putting the spotlight on Africa’s tourism potential with exciting family holiday packages.

Known for its best-in-class hospitality, hotel created the wonderland as a choice holiday destination for guests and families to experience memorable classic Christmas experiences through live shows, a soothing ambiance, exceptional cuisines and comfort away from home.

This platform exists, not just to create fun-family experiences, but also to redefine African Tourism and Hospitality, turning attention from the more obvious but quickly depleting oil/gas resources, towards untapped opportunities for the African economy.

In 2019, the pilot theme was Tropical Wonderland where elements natural to the tropics were used to redefine the Christmas experience for guests. In 2020, bright colors were used to infuse joy into the lives of guests and families after a dark year of COVID-19 in the convivial Christmas Edition.

In 2021, the hotel decided to celebrate Christmas with a theme that played up its passion for reusing and repurposing waste at the Candyland Christmas Edition.

While unveiling activities for this year’s event, recently, the General Manager, Eko Hotels and Suites, Danny Kioupouroglou, said, “in the past four years we have been executing Tropical Christmas Wonderland.”

Though in the past planning were never started early, there is a change this year. He said, “preparations for this year began after Easter and the show of resourcefulness, willingness from partners, and the connection that we are making with this story, has made us proud of how far we have come.”

Kioupouroglou said this edition, which has the theme, ‘The Prideland Tropical Christmas’, and being packaged with the support of Wakanow Travels as the official ticketing partner, will feature live concerts at Eko Atlantic Theme Park, musical theatricals and sumptuous cuisines laced with exotic wines and beverages.

“We are glad to bring Wakanow on board to be a part of the Tropical Christmas Wonderland, our new partner did a tremendous job integrating into their ticket sales ecosystem and providing our guests with a frictionless process to purchase packages and passes best-suited for the Prideland Edition,” he said. “The connection and insight that we are making with ‘The Prideland Tropical Christmas’ project has made us proud. The timing is also perfect because Africa needs to tell its story in a history-making manner,” Kioupouroglou said.

For the Director, Sales and Marketing, Iyadunni Gbadebo,“We partnered with Wakanow because of the synergy of purpose and direction that we have. The Tropical Christmas Wonderland – Prideland Edition – will effectively position as the event that brings everyone together in Nigeria from all over the world.”

Gbadebo said: “In the face of the current global economic challenges, as Africans and Nigerians, we need to take a step back and look inwards.”

She continued, “we can no longer afford to spend our dwindling resources to grow the wealth of Western economies without promoting our own people and national brand assets – businesses, products, sports, culture, music and cities in Nigeria – to the world.”

Speaking on the partnership, Adebayo Adedeji, Wakanow’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are excited to partner with Eko Hotels and Suites on this year’s edition of the event. We are bringing our expertise in travel and our ability to support Nigerian inbound tourism from all over the World.”

He added, “our partnership with Eko Hotels and Suites would help us engage with one of the most passionate client bases in leisure, travel, holiday, and entertainment. To us, this isn’t just a ticketing deal, it’s a true partnership. Together, we will create only the best experiences for the Tropical Christmas Wonderland fans of today and tomorrow.”

Wakanow’s Chief Commercial Officer, Adenike Macaulay said, “this partnership for us expresses our desire to ensure that we are at the forefront of activities or events that help us promote the beauty and rich heritage of Africa. The Prideland Edition perfectly fuses the beauty of African culture, while also preaching the gospel of leisure and relaxation.”

Families and guests who are unable to buy into the packages are not left out. They can purchase walk-in tickets with Wakanow for the long lineup of activities and events, such as an African marketplace (The African Junction), A Wet and Dry Theme Park sitting on 15,000sqm of land on the Eko Atlantic City, Outdoor fine dining experiences, Daily Musical Theatre performances, Santa’s Procession & Coronation ceremony, and so much more.