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The bolt of Easter

By Segun Durowaiye
09 April 2023   |   5:01 am
Dele Oluleke and Shigba, alias Pharaoh were business partners for the past five years. In the joint business venture, Dele had the highest percentage of shares and this idea didn’t go down well with Shigba.

Easter Sunday. Photo: PIXABAY

Dele Oluleke and Shigba, alias Pharaoh were business partners for the past five years. In the joint business venture, Dele had the highest percentage of shares and this idea didn’t go down well with Shigba.

Their business was growing at a jet speed, what with the millions they were making on weekly basis. There was a particular contract they got to supply tons of some agricultural products to a multinational company.

This deal fetched their company about N200 million profit margins. That was the last straw that made Shigba show his true colours. He couldn’t hide his hatred and utter disdain for his business partner again.

Shigba was filled with bitter jealousy, acrimony and envy. He swore that he would wipe out the whole family of the Olulekes, including his parents. Dele didn’t know he was doing business with a mean and wicked fellow of a despicable nature, and the head of a sinister cult.

Shigba, alias Pharaoh was a short, stocky and dark-skinned man with the piercing eyes of a snake. That breezy evening, in the presence of six members of his notorious gang he spoke authoritatively from his virulent temper and gave orders on how his heinous plot would be carried out.

“Shangolagba, your next mission is to set a trap for Dele’s immediate family and his aged parents and bring them to our hideout so that we can kill them one by one. I want to make Dele a sad man. Is that right?” Shigba ordered.

“We’ll do whatever you want O mighty Pharaoh!” Shangolagba replied with perfect obeisance. Shangolagba was a bulky six-footer with a big head and a pimply nose.

“Consider it done!” Shangolagba added, baring his dirty teeth in anger.

The following day before the mention of Pharaoh, Shigba’s order was carried out to the letter. Dele’s aged parents, his wife, Precious and only son by name Folabi were abducted and taken to a remote town located in Ogun State. Their hands were tied to their backs and they were put in a rat-infested dungeon. That night, Dele arrived from a business trip only to find his house empty and he saw a note purportedly written by Shigba, his business partner that he was responsible for his missing family.

Instantly, Dele put a call through to his parents to inform them of his problem and predicament. But he was more than shocked when their phones were picked by Shigba and he growled threateningly: “You’ll pay me a ransom of N70 million if you want your aged parents, wife and son freed. Bring the cash to Ojuoro forest in Abeokuta, Ogun State. I’ll be waiting for you. If you come with Police escort I’ll wipe out your entire family! I’ll show you how bad, wicked and mean Pharaoh is. You think the world belongs to you? To prove how satanic I am, I’ll kill your dad right away!”

“No, no…don’t do that Shigba,” Dele begged, “I’ll make it N100 million…don’t kill any of my family…please you know I’ve been kind to you and never cheated you and meeting my business obligations, why do you have to do this to me?” Dele was sweating profusely and sorrowful tears had gathered in his eyes. The tall, dark-skinned and handsome dude called Dele Oluleke was really in a bad and sad mood. He mopped the tears on his eyes with his white handkerchief, shook his head morosely and sighed for the umpteenth time.

“Shangolagba, bring the old man from the dungeon quickly,” Shigba ordered instantly, “and get me one of the coconuts and the big hammer! You know the next step and what we always do. Dele’s dad will meet his Maker today!”

Within a twinkling of an eye, the old man was brought to Pharaoh’s presence, and a hard coconut with a big hammer was given to him in addition. The old man was trembling, shaking and fidgety when he was shoved towards Pharaoh. His eyes were filled with heart-breaking tears and he was temporarily speechless.

“Old man,” Pharaoh hollered, “you’ll take your last breath in my presence now! Kneel down here and let me speed up the process of making you meet your Maker now!”

Suddenly, it dawned on Elder Oluleke that his son’s former business partner was about snuffing life out of him. He bowed in sorrowful tears and wept heartrendingly. Then he said slowly, “Please, don’t kill me young man,” he pleaded, “I don’t want to die…please, in God’s name…don’t waste my soul…it’s not yet time for me to die…please…Shigba…”

“No one can face the lion in its den; no fish can play with the shark in its domain!” Pharaoh spat in anger, “I have to kill you now, no going back!”

In a jiffy, Pharaoh placed the hard coconut on the old man’s head and raised the big hammer up with all his might, and he hit it on the man’s head heavily. Just one heavy stroke did it. Elder Oluleke gasped for breath and struggled painfully. He collapsed on the right feet of Pharaoh and gave up the ghost. It was a gruesome and painful death.

The next moment Shigba phoned Dele to tell him of the latest development. “Hello Dele,” he growled, “I have killed your dad! Your mum is next, then your wife and your only son!”

“No…noo…nooo…” Dele said in tears, “why did you do this to me, Shigba? I told you I’m coming with the money…oh no…”

The following day was Easter Sunday. Christians everywhere were in a jolly and festive mood. The weather was lovely and bright. Shigba was still bent on carrying out his wicked and diabolic act despite the general mood of the whole world.

“Bring out the old woman from the dungeon quickly Asinwole,” Pharaoh ordered, “she is next to die! Don’t forget to bring along another hard coconut and my big hammer!”

In a jiffy, the old mum of Dele Oluleke was taken out of the dungeon and brought to face death in a most horrifying and inhuman way. The old woman trembled and stooped in an unsteady and weak way. She was sweating profusely and was shedding tears of agony. Pharaoh giggled with sardonic pleasure. He placed his right leg on the skull of a human being, possibly the skull of a man.
He laughed raucously and sputtered, “Kneel down here old woman, this is where you’ll meet your Maker!” The woman did as commanded.

Pharaoh placed the hard coconut on the head of the old woman and raised the big hammer up with his might to smash it on her head. The old woman closed her eyes, but the tears streamed down from her cheeks.

Shigba was about bringing it down heavily on her head when Dele suddenly dropped from the ceiling like a bolt from the blue! He grabbed the hammer from his hand and a struggle ensued. About five stout-looking men in Shigba’s gang wrestled with Dele at that moment. The struggle went on for about 10 minutes. Alas, Dele was overpowered in the long run and he was tied to a chair very close to his mum.

“Ha, haa, haaa, haaaa!” Pharaoh laughed uproariously, “You think you can free your family from the shackles of death? Where’s the money I told you to bring?”

“It’s outside, inside the boot of my car, in a big bag. The key to the boot is inside my breast pocket, you can take it.” Dele replied. Instantly Shangolagba dipped his hand inside Dele’s breast pocket and took the key. About four of the gangsters hurriedly went out to carry the bulky cash.

“He, hee, heee, heeee!” Pharaoh laughed gleefully, “I’ll kill you and your family, and I’ll be N100 million richer now! That’s great!”

The big bag was about being opened when something rattled where Dele’s car was packed. It seemed nemesis was in action, as a loud bang was heard! Dele had planted a bomb inside the bag that was supposedly carrying the money. The bomb exploded as they were about unzipping the big bag containing the money. About four members of Pharaoh’s gang died from the bomb blast instantly and were shattered to smithereens.

Pharaoh was shocked and flabbergasted as he hurried towards the window to peep at the explosion. In the nick of time, Dele miraculously untied himself, grabbed the big hammer and swiftly hit Pharaoh on the head with it. It was like a flash of lightning. Pharaoh went down like a felled tree and fainted. Blood started oozing from a deep gash on his head. Asinwole, the other member of the gang tried to wrestle the hammer from Dele’s hand, but Dele overpowered him and gave him a thunderous headbutt which sent him crashing on to the hard floor. He went into a coma.

The next moment Dele put an emergency call through to the Police. He freed his mum, wife and son from captivity and they were so happy! Within a short time a team of Police officers arrived the scene. Shigba, alias Pharaoh and Asinwole were arrested, charged for murder and put behind bars pending the time their case would come up at the court. A couple of weeks later their case came up in the court and they were charged for murder and kidnapping. The bespectacled Justice Nathaniel Bamgboshe did not mince words while sentencing the accused persons that fateful day:

“ Shigba, by kidnapping members of Dele Oluleke’s family and murdering Elder Oluleke, you have committed a most gruesome, painful atrocity and crime. You are not worthy of life and existence! I sentence both of you to death by hanging! So be it.”

Shigba, alias Pharaoh, bowed his head in shame as he was led out of the court premises. The following month, he was taken to the gallows along with Asinwole, his gang member. Pharaoh screamed for help as the rope was thrown round his neck and he felt the painful grip.

“Yeeeeee, iku de! Please, don’t kill me!” he screamed in tears. They were hanged to death as the law demands. They died with tears streaming down their brows. Evil doers shall not go unpunished. You will reap whatever you sow.

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