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The rule of Becoming A Child Of God

By Imelda Chinyere Nwosa
31 December 2009   |   4:04 am
Becoming A Child of God; Isaac Owueka; Isaac Owueka and company; Warri 2004   Becoming A Child of God" is volume one of Isaac Owueka's books on evangelism. The book talks about man's failure to serve God. It exposes the tricks of the devil, highlighting fundamental facts that would enable one to be committed to serve God. In the introduction, Owueka says God's blessings are not shared indiscriminately among those who obey or disobey Him. God's promises are meant for the repentant and those who have attained spiritual rebirth. This book tries to unearth the causes of our failure as Christians and proffers solutions on how to be a true child of God.

Chapter one deals with repentance. Owueka construes the meaning of repentance as when a person shows a great feeling of sorrow on what has been wrongly done or on the right things neglected to be done. He further says, it as well means confessing our sins to God and admonishes against false repentance, an example of which he notes are found in those, who feel being seen as Christians and attending churches are repentance. This group, he states still live their canal lifestyle, believing that the death of Christ has taken away their sins.

This group sometime asks: “Who is an angel after all”? And as such continue to live in sin.

Onwueka states, God rewards His children by answering their prayers to glorify His name. However, some prayers are answered immediately while some are delayed for reasons best known to God, citing Abraham, who had Isaac at his old age and Joseph, who suffered 13 years before being promoted as Pharaoh’s prime minister in Egypt, as some of such examples and advises we persevere in prayers, trusting and praising God to get answers to our prayers.

Chapter two deals with understanding God while chapter four is about becoming a soldier for Christ. Those chapters aver the necessity of understanding Jehovah in the context of the Bible.

Chapters five to seven are about man: His heart, forgiveness of sins and self-sacrifice to God. These chapters remind us of the need to seek for God forgiveness, stating that all offences are punishable by God. However to set man free from God’s wrath, Jesus Christ was sent to atone for his sins and bring him back to God. He notes that for man to fully enjoy God’s forgiveness, he must be ready to forgive others that have offended him.

The author states some of the reasons people do not forgive as pride, peer pressure, evil communication, mistaking meekness for weakness and committing ones soul to Satan, which may not be redeemable.

I recommend this book for anyone, who wishes to enter the kingdom of God.

The author, Isaac Owueka is an associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He is currently a management and tax consultant outside being a pastor and writer.

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