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Women do not inspire my music – Hanujay


One of Nigeria’s fastest rising music stars, Aghogho Hanu Agbodje A.K.A Hanujay may have written himself into the black books of women all over the world by declaring they don’t inspire his music. Hanujay made declaration recently.

But on deeper reflection, the Delta State University graduate and Warri boy may just have one ace ahead of all other arguments.

“Only God inspires me. God chooses to bless anyone he feels to bless. He is the one that creates a person who can draw very well and the person who can’t even hold a pencil. Whatever you have is between you and your God. I’ve come to realize it’s GOD , nothing but GOD. Sometimes, I wonder how the inspiration came about. No human could have been responsible. Most times, it feels like divine intervention and you wonder what brought it about,” he quipped in reaction to the question of where his inspirations came from.


Speaking further on women’s influence on his music, he added, “Women don’t inspire me only God inspires me . No matter how I put it out. women are beautiful, they help in beautifying my craft. Women beautify my craft, I try to educate them with my materials. I get inspired by a lot of things, women being just one of them, but ultimately my major inspiration comes from God.

In spite of having started music 4 years ago, he has drop two EPs to show how creative, dynamic and talented he is. He has released over 20 songs plus over 100 unreleased, still in the pipeline. To date, he has also dropped 4 professional music videos plus a fleet of viral and promotional contents.

“In 2018 I released the ‘Vibes’ EP’ which consists of 8 songs: namely; Dance; Special; Dodo; Fine Wine; Rock Well; Skit; No Smoking Zone; and Good Love. That was in January of 2018. Then I released another EP, in December of 2019 titled ‘Let’s smoke and Fuck” with 5 tracks: namely; Uber, Magic, Love, Guyman and Vibration. They were all produced by Patricia Studios. There are so many more unreleased singles. Just watch out for Hanujay.


The two EPs, according to critics were not run-of-the-mill stuff, there titles were off the rail and there were a lot of questions on Hanujay’s identity and what he stands to portray in the music industry.

“There’s nothing kinky about the titles. They only sound a little sensational but absolutely harmless. The first is pretty chilled , just vibes. The second one was more like a magnet tool, it’s something everyone can relate to , either you practice it or you know someone that does. It was just to draw the attention , when you listen to the playlist you’ll understand better . The first EP “Vibes” is pretty cool. Aghogho Hanu Agbodje known as Hanujay is a graduate of Delta State University. He hails from Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is a musician, comedian and a content creator. He was a dancer before music took hold of him through the influence of ‘king of pop,” Michael Jackson.

Presently, Hanujay is not worried about relevance in the music industry, believing only good music will make him relevant.


In his words: “Staying relevant isn’t part of my immediate plan. My plan at the moment is getting out there , after that, staying relevant won’t be a problem. The journey so far has been quite fun and educative. What you see from the outside is different from what it actually is when you come into the industry. I have actually been privileged to work with quite a number of artistes that know what music should be; the likes of Yung6ix and Ycee.”

He added: “I think what’s unique about my music is from my own life experiences , my background , how I grew up and things that influence me. It’s how I feel, how I see it and how I relate with it . It’s all about me , I think the only way to be unique in this lifetime is to be you.


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