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7 best sites to buy Instagram followers in 2022

By Guardian Nigeria
28 November 2022   |   3:42 am
Want to buy Instagram followers in 2022? If you want to find the best place to get Instagram followers safely then keep reading. Organic followers on Instagram are EVERYTHING in today's ultra-competitive landscape on the platform. Without them, you will have a tough time competing for your share of the pie. The reason for this…

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Want to buy Instagram followers in 2022? If you want to find the best place to get Instagram followers safely then keep reading.

Organic followers on Instagram are EVERYTHING in today’s ultra-competitive landscape on the platform. Without them, you will have a tough time competing for your share of the pie.

The reason for this is because when you grow your Instagram followers with real and organic accounts, you get more reach and more engagement which means real and tangible results.

With these real instagram followers of your target audience, you send signals to the Instagram algorithm that your account is one that should be fighting for more reach and exposure.

And as you’re aware, more reach and more exposure means more eyes on your content and that turns into potential sponsorship opportunities that you’ve otherwise have missed.

There’s no denying that finding a place to buy Instagram followers safely is crucial if you want to find authentic followers that help your Instagram growth over the long haul.

It’s one thing to buy fake followers that increase your follower count, but something completely different when you buy real Instagram followers that can have a positive effect on your Instagram account when it comes to the Instagram algorithm.

Low quality Fake Instagram followers are so bad for your Instagram account because, while they do increase your follower count, these accounts don’t do anything else.

They are fake followers, so they can’t take any actions and they won’t engage with you or your content.

And on your Instagram growth journey, you’re going to come to the crossroads of using sites to buy Instagram followers or going at it alone.

This article will guide you on the best Instagram growth services that are safe to use and will help you get real Instagram followers for your Instagram page, which in turn will help get you more hype on your Instagram profile, social proof for your Instagram, and in turn provide your account with more engagement and more new followers than you can ever imagine.

Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Followers?

The answer to this question is a double edged sword because, as you might be aware, buying Instagram followers is actually against the Instagram TOS (Terms of Service).

Where you can get in trouble here is by using the wrong sites to purchase Instagram followers.

You see, there’s a huge difference in quality control that ranges from sites that deliver fake or low quality Instagram followers, all the way to reputable companies that provide active Instagram followers, AKA the legit way to buy Instagram followers.

Not only that, when you buy fake followers, bot followers, or even when you buy cheap Instagram followers that are super low quality, you won’t be able to see a true boost in growth.

In addition, you’re going to put yourself at risk of being penalized by Instagram itself. You’ve got to make sure you’re buying Instagram followers safely.

Using a real company that offers you the chance to get new Instagram followers that are real and active will actually help you in the long term, and keep your account better aligned with Instagram TOS.

There are certainly tons of sites to buy Instagram followers from, but that doesn’t mean they all offer quality services. In fact, a great majority of them are simply out there to line their pockets.

That means they don’t provide quality followers, either. You’ll need to choose wisely if you want to make the best of your presence on social media and boost your social proof on Instagram!

To help you do that, we’ve put together a list of some of the most reputable sites to buy Instagram followers, likes, and Instagram followers.

What is the Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers?

There’s a myth that purchased Instagram followers are actually never a good idea, but when you use the right site and get real followers, it sure can be!

Here we’re going to go over seven of the best sites to buy Instagram followers from. These companies can offer you active followers with their Instagram services, and in many cases, you can also buy Instagram engagement to help your overall performance.

Let’s take a look!

1. Thunderclap

If you’re looking for high quality followers that will boost your Instagram account to new heights, Thunderclap is the place to be. As our number one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers, you can expect to get real Instagram followers.

You don’t have to deal with fake followers when you work with Thunderclap. They understand that having authentic followers is the only way to see success on Instagram, so the boost in your follower count is as impactful as ever.

Having tons of fake accounts on Instagram can harm your reputation, which is why Thunderclap has designed their services to bring you more followers that are real and active.

Followers will genuinely follow your Instagram profile, like your Instagram posts, and view your Instagram stories.

The quality services that you’ll get from Thunderclap are unmatched. Not only can you get real followers from them, you’ll be able to get Instagram likes and views as well.

Follower packages start at $2.97 for 100 high quality followers, and you can get as many as 25,000, which is a substantial boost to your follower count.

Not only will you be getting new followers, you’ll be getting them quickly with Thunderclap’s instant delivery!

If you’re looking to buy followers and want the best of the best, Thunderclap is without a doubt the service that will help your Instagram account the most. If Instagram is your main social media platform, you’ll definitely want a boost from Thunderclap.

2. Fameoid

Another great option if you’re looking to buy Instagram followers safely is Fameoid. Another company that avoids fake followers, you can get active followers from Fameoid, making them one of the best sites to buy from.

The cool thing about Fameoid is that you can get not only high quality followers, but also active followers. You can choose which type you want, giving you more options when buying Instagram followers.

There are plenty of features that they offer with their active Instagram followers package, including 30-day refills, instant delivery, a priority customer support team, and a satisfaction guarantee.

You don’t have to worry about putting your Instagram profile at risk when you use Fameoid. They are one of the best companies if you are interested in buying followers, hands down.

Their prices are affordable and their features are top notch. When you get active Instagram followers, such followers will boost your presence on the social media platform, leading to success in your social media marketing campaign.

Check them out today; you can get active, real accounts starting at just $11.99 for 500 Insta followers.

3. Ampya

If what you seek is organic Instagram followers, then Ampya is for you! They work through interactions and engagement to bring you more real followers, and engagements.

Because Instagram is different from other social media platforms in that it’s based on visual media, you’ll always have to have attractive content when you work to grow your organic followers.

Why? Ampya will get you more followers by interacting with Instagram users on their Instagram page, which will then bring them to your profile. This is how you know you won’t be getting fake accounts.

Having more Instagram followers, especially high quality Instagram followers that are targeted to your profile, is invaluable. This is what makes the Instagram services offered by Ampya so effective– they use targets to make sure that you get premium followers to benefit your account.

Having genuine followers that actually care about your content is going to help you in the long run. So, while you won’t get instant delivery with Ampya, you’ll get a high level of value in having real Instagram followers that want to see your posts.

Forget fake followers– Ampya is the real deal, which makes them one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers without a doubt.

Their customer support team is also extremely responsive and attentive, so you’ll be getting great service in addition to high quality followers. Win win!

4. IG Killas

If you’re looking to take your Instagram to the next level but are afraid you’ll be buying fake followers, IG Killas is a solid option that has been around for quite a while.

They can help your Instagram account by providing you with more followers that are of the best quality available. No fake Instagram followers, and no bot– you’ll get more followers that look completely authentic, have a real profile, and don’t hurt your reputation.

When buying followers from IG Killas, you’ll get instant delivery, a solid customer support team, as well as Instagram accounts that come from real followers.

You can boost your social media presence effectively with IG Killas, so check out their Instagram followers packages today.

5. Boostmax

Interested in buying Instagram followers but want to make sure that you avoid fake followers on your Instagram account?

Boostmax can help. They will provide you with the best quality Instagram followers, and you’ll even be able to choose the type you want– either high quality or premium followers.

When you buy Instagram followers, it’s important to know that the company you’re working with will follow through on their services and provide you with more Instagram followers that will actually help your profile.

Boostmax offers a satisfaction guarantee every time you buy more followers, and they also offer instant delivery, plus refill. They guarantee that they don’t use fake accounts to boost your Instagram presence.

The cool thing about Boostmax is that they also offer other packages for social media growth, helping you to boost your overall social media marketing strategy in addition to getting more Instagram followers.

6. Mrgrowman

Similar to Boostmax, you can not only buy real Instagram followers from Mrgrowman, but you can also boost your overall social media presence with packages for multiple platforms.

If your main focus is to buy Instagram followers, Mrgrowman gives you the opportunity to buy Instagram followers that will strengthen your reputation.

In addition to more followers, you can get more likes and more views through their services on Instagram.

It can be tough to buy real Instagram followers these days, but Mrgrowman seems to have a pretty stable service. While they don’t mention anything about organic Instagram followers, Mrgrowman does say that when you buy followers from them, you’ll have instant delivery as well as around the clock support.

7. iDigic

iDigic is the final option on our list to help you buy followers to boost your Instagram account. They’ve been a popular option for buying followers due to their simple and effective services.

Even though they don’t help support other social media platform growth, you can get the best of the best when you buy followers with iDigic. Your order will get started within 0-30 minutes after placing at a delivery speed of 500 followers per hour.

It’s great that when buying followers from iDigic you’ll know the exact breakdown of how you’ll receive your followers.

Along with other features like automatic refills and no password required, you can’t go wrong with iDigic.

How Do I Buy Real Instagram Followers?

It can be tricky to know how to buy real Instagram followers when there are so many cheap followers available out there. The cheapest option may seem like a great option for your budget, but keep in mind they may not be the best option for your Instagram presence.

Such Instagram followers will actually lower your credibility, raising concerns about the legitimacy of your Insta followers and whether or not your account is reputable.

To avoid any issues, the following are things you should look for if you want to protect the integrity of your Instagram account when purchasing followers.

When you purchase followers, you want to ensure that they are the best quality followers that you can get. This means that the followers are real accounts that will like your Instagram posts.

Many of the best sites will let you know all about the quality of the followers right on their website, which is something you should definitely look closely at.

Only purchase from the best sites to buy high quality Instagram followers in order to make sure that you are not actually harming your Instagram presence.

For example, if you’re a social media influencer, you’ll certainly need to buy active Instagram followers; if you have tons of Instagram followers with little to no engagement, potential brand sponsors and Instagram users will write you off as inauthentic.

Thus, you won’t be able to book any deals and your monetization efforts as an influencer won’t be fruitful.

You need genuine followers in order to reach success as a social media influencer on Instagram, which means that your new followers need to add value to your Instagram account and not

How Much Will it Cost to Buy Instagram Followers?

The cost of buying Instagram followers depends on which site you buy from. Of course, you may be looking to buy Instagram followers cheap, and in many cases, it will certainly be affordable.

That said, don’t just buy Instagram followers from any site because they’re low cost– this often means they are also low quality.

The good news is that even the best sites to buy Instagram followers offer affordable follower packages that meet your needs, no matter your budget.

For instance, when you buy IG followers from a site like Thunderclap, you can expect to get premium followers that actually help your account, and packages start at just $2.49.

Of course, if you’re looking to get a million followers, the cost will be higher, but it is certainly possible to get a lot of bang for your buck when buying real Instagram followers from a reputable company.

What’s more, if you’re looking to use an Instagram growth service like Ampya, or want to take advantage of a subscription service that will bring you new followers on a regular basis, you’ll also be able to do that.

Having a regular influx of followers helps the success of your business account and keeps you growing in the long term, generating more engagement such as Instagram likes on your Instagram posts.

Once you find the right place to buy real followers, you can keep in mind some of these best practices for reaching your social media marketing goals on IG:

  • Content production: You should always have good content going up on a regular basis. This gives your followers something to interact with, helping your performance in terms of Instagram’s algorithm. Followers are more likely to give you Instagram likes, comments, and shares if you have attractive content that aligns with your target audience.
  • Content formats: Use a variety of different types of content on Instagram. Features like Instagram stories, reels, and lives can help you to generate interest in your Instagram accounts and even create a more effective social media marketing campaign overall.
  • Comments and Hashtags: Comments can really get new followers engaging with content if you craft them in the correct way. Be sure to use a call to action, and always use relevant hashtags that will help get more reach to your target audience.

Implementing these simple tips will help when you purchase Instagram followers. Take advantage of having new followers and build your social proof by investing time in your Instagram strategy.

Buy Instagram Followers to Boost Your Growth

Ultimately, anyone in social media marketing that has tried to build their audience can tell you that it’s tough. Competition is fierce, and getting real IG followers is a chore that can take a lot of time, dedication, and patience.

If you’re looking to have more social proof on your platform but can’t spend every waking hour on building organic Instagram followers, you might consider buying quality followers from one of the best sites.

An Instagram growth service is a good option, such as Ampya. Another effective option would be to work with the real and active follower packages from Thunderclap. Your Instagram business account will be able to really take off and you’ll have a better shot to beat Instagram’s algorithm.

If you’re serious about reaching your social media marketing goals, purchasing followers can be the perfect choice to supplement your Instagram growth strategy.